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I'm not quite sure about the demographics of our readers here, but I reckon that many would be old enough to paint 50 Shades of Grey. I'm not usually a fan of trilogies or long series in general, but the odd one or two would surface once in a blue moon and challenge the limits of my ever decreasing attention span. What about light novels then, some might ask. So far, only Bungaku Shoujo (Literature Girl) has managed to capture my heart. I read Nourin too, but progress has quite unfortunately come to a halt. On the other hand, manga would ease the strain on the eyes and mind and pretty much everything else. Then again, I avoid those which could effortlessly drain the mana points out of my system. Somebody pray tell, just how many books are there in One Piece? In any case, no matter what it is that readers choose to indulge in, there would be a downside to it.

The Japanese mostly prefer their novels compact, and it isn't uncommon to spot most of them so fixated on their favourite titles while commuting on the train or walking down the streets (the latter is extremely dangerous if you ask me). I'm more concerned about turning myopic though, considering that the print is awfully miniscule and such. Traditionally, the Japanese text is read vertically from right to left. The first page usually begins from the 'back' which is rather interesting. Also, the cover art on a lot of novels would quickly entice at first glance, although in my opinion the most eye-catching of all has to be the obi - the power of catchphrases and important tie-ins such as adaptations into feature films, television series and their various roadshows with some of the biggest stars in Japan is dangerously capable of draining the credit limit of anybody's cards and whatever cash that remains in the wallets. Ka-ching! Well, I suppose that a little money could be saved if anyone happens to be a privileged member of Books Kinokuniya.

If anybody has seen enough manga or anime, they would be familiar with the ongoings and sights of a bookstore. While watching or reading a bookstore-related scene doesn't necessarily rid any deprivation of being in an authentic Japanese bookstore, witnessing the creative efforts made to spruce up the various sections by those characters has resonated quite strongly somewhat - I would feel as if I were one of those customers in line, or sampling some really awesome titles from the innovatively arranged shelves. I imagine a moment from Denkigai no Honya-san, where a considerable queue had formed outside the bookstore for the ungodly late-night release of the newest title. Daunting it might be, however the anticipation of receiving the book hot off the press (kind of that feeling I reckon) would override that. I'm not sure if any bookstore over here has anything similar, but even if there was something it wouldn't be my nature to enact a situation like that.

Speaking of books and bookstores, I'm reminded of the titles which I've had the opportunity to appreciate that involve the literary universe. Apart from Bungaku Shoujo (Literature Girl) which blends famous titles into the characters' lives surrounded by themes of love, friendship, family, et cetera, there is the recent tiny lady boss of Aoba Shoten whose story continues to affect me profoundly. Oh, I suppose that Denkigai no Honya-san deserves a little place in my heart as well though not quite on the same degree. I remember that as a kid, there was a catchphrase which never failed to annoy (?) every student besides the mandatory silent reading periods. Reading is fun, it said. Many years later, it still is.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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