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Love Live SIF Event and Thoughts: Yohane/Ruby Token Event "One Dreamy Night"

After a long list of single events, we finally get a double event! This would be another event that I participate in after a long break from tiering. My aim for this event is to at least T1 Yohane (that is at least 40k points) and do my best to T2 for Ruby. That will give me 3 copies of Yohane and 2 copies of Ruby.

Do note that this is the first event where you can use up to 100 lp in a single play, hence no more 4x event songs. This is also the first event where players get song ranking based on their score for the event song, hence adding a new dimension to tiering. 
 Yohane can be acquired solely through event points. One copy of her is given at each hallmark: 11k, 25k and 40k event points.
Ruby is solely acquired through tiering and you cannot get even a single copy of her until the event ends and the rewards are given out. To get 3 copies of her, you'll have to T1 however I don't have that form of dedication for Ruby and am content with simply T2.

Also, with the new system of being able to use up to 100 LP (and 300 tokens) per play, this would mean huge jumps in event points as it will be much easier to amass tokens and use those tokens for points. After considering all these factors, T1 seems very far out of my reach.
This is the song ranking reward and it is cumulative. T1 means better rewards and all tiers below are simply subsets of it. An SS seal is definitely worth it (you need 5 to idolise a UR).
 This is a brief explanation of how to collect tokens and convert them into points~
The last stretch of the event is particularly tedious, especially the last few hours. Many players fell out of T1 as a result of other players spamming the newer updates of increased LP per play. This increased the gap between T1 and T2 greatly, and the effort and number of love gems used would have to be so much more that it makes the third copy of Ruby from T1 extremely less worth it.

Some players also fell out of T2.

After the event, it is time to collect the rewards. As I have collected the cards before I remembered to take a screenshot, I only have the seals to show the song ranking reward. As you can see, I am in T1 for song ranking since Smile is my strongest team.
For ranking itself, I managed to acquire 6000 points within the last 2.5 hours and brought my points to 51k, successfully putting myself way above the cross-fire of T2 cutoff. I also managed to snag the scouting ticket at 50k in the process!

T1 ended up at 88888 points and that would mean an additional 18 plays of the event on 4x Expert difficulty (5400 tokens). To collect that number of tokens, roughly 200 plays of regular songs on 1x Expert difficulty must be played (5000 LP). This would mean an additional 36-40 love gems must be used, in addition to the 22 I have already used, to barely scrape past T1 for this event.

For me, spending nearly 60 gems to T1 for any event is definitely not worth it. How about you?

~ Reina-rin

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