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Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Kuroko no Basuke Kagami Taiga

Hi everyone! It's time for a long overdue unboxing post! Recently I received Kise and Aomine from the same line in my mail and I remembered Kagami, still sitting in his box! I'd unboxed him once but never got around to taking photos. So here they are!

Previously, I wrote a post on Kuroko from the same line which you can read here :)

 Before we continue, here's some information about the figurine:

Character: Kagami Taiga
Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Sculptor: Arai Kyousuke
Scale: 1/8
Release date: 31 July 2014

From my past loot post you probably know Kagami is my favourite KnB boy, so I was really excited when I saw the box! His picture covers practically every side!

Even the top of the box is not spared. While I found that the red and black theme does not match Kuroko very well, in this case it suits Kagami to a T!

Here's a closeup of him before unboxing. So handsome~~~

Inside the box he comes with this background. It's red but it looks pink...

The parts are few: the figurine, the stand and the base. Nothing fancy!

The attachment is simple, one end goes into his shoe, the other into the base! This is where most of my complaints are, however. 1) It does not fit seamlessly into the base! 2) It is not sturdy enough and Kagami sways even when nudged gently. This concerns me because I dare not display it for long as I'm worried it will lean and damage the figure...

My comments about the base design is the same as Kuroko's: slightly unrealistic as basketball courts use smooth, varnished parquet, although the texture is otherwise a thoughtful detail.

That's not to say the figurine is bad though! In fact, it is amazing! The well-crafted facial features are proof of his "wild tiger-like" intensity. His hair is spiky as he leaps through the air for a slam dunk!

The uniform is similarly well-crafted. I cannot find fault with the stretching of his jersey. It is too realistic! The paint lines are sharp and there is no run-off. Not to mention the shadowing of his neck!

His face from the side looks younger and more adorable, although you can still see the frown. Here, I have to bring your attention to his arms! (If you haven't automatically noticed it already, like I did *nosebleeds*) Ahem. Look at the well-defined muscular structure! I don't find it overdone at all, as I feel it is an accurate representation of muscles straining to support his slam dunk.

His hand looks small on its own but when you see the overall picture, it looks proportionate. Perhaps it's a bit too stubby; I'm more accustomed to the longer fingers in the anime. His nail colour is a little strange too.

Just like Kuroko's figure, the basketball is well textured! This is a nice angle, I feel! Oh, and I really appreciate how the lighting creates shadows that further define the movement of his jersey and muscles.

Speaking of muscles (I feel like my muscle obsession is on par with Gou-chan's), here are his legs!

More importantly, here are his shoes! I love Kagami's shoes! Nike Air Jordan 1s are pretty much classics. It has been modeled extremely well here, those are some intricate shoelaces!

To end this post off, here's the 360 degree view!

Overall, I love this figurine! It needs some improvements with regards to the colouring and stability, but otherwise it has satisfied my desire for a good quality Kagami figurine.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more posts and watch out for Kise and Aomine's unboxing!

Written by Nana

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2 comments to ''Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Kuroko no Basuke Kagami Taiga"

  1. How do I recognize the counterfeit version of this figure from the real one?

    1. Hi Rizzi, this is gonna be a pretty long reply!

      Firstly, the price, especially if you're looking online and someone is offering a preorder. This figure is listed as 8,600yen on Megahouse's website, so anything cheaper than that is most definitely either fake or not brand new. I'll recommend you immediately stop considering it if this is the case!

      Secondly, the box. Make sure the spelling is correct throughout, especially the English words since we have no idea what the Japanese ones are saying! Also, additional things like stickers are usually not found on the fake ones (not always the case though, since sometimes the real ones have no stickers). Definitely try to match them to the box to the one in this post since this one is authentic.

      Third, the figurine itself. Since boxes are easily copied, check the figurine through the transparent plastic! The most obvious is usually the colour. Fakes tend to have a yellowish skintone, or at least an unnatural-looking one. As you can see the real Kagami figure has a nice sunkissed look, and they subtly use a slightly darker colour to highlight the contouring of his muscles.

      For the paint job, fakes tend to not have nice straight lines and the paint occasionally bleed out to other parts of the clothes. The red and black on Kagami's uniform should not smudge over to the white, especially the thin red lines. Also, since this figure does not require any assembling, there should not be any obvious joints at all.

      In general if it is a fake figure, the face usually looks abit off due to wonky eyes/eyebrows and mouths. The shape might also be a bit weird, ie. eyes too sunken or nose sculpted differently.

      Finally, check the base! A lot of fakes skimp when it comes to the base. Sometimes it's a completely different one, just plain plastic. Overall, it should be quite simple to recognize a counterfeit if you actually have it in front of you (you can refer to the pictures in this post to help you!) but if you're considering buying it online and the deal seems shady, I would recommend paying the price to buy it from a legitimate online shop.