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Moon Prism Power, Eat Up!

Hi everyone! It's Nana here, back from a long period of silence, and what better way to make my return to posting here than a brand new exhibition? Sailor Moon fans in Japan can now look forward to an exciting treat less than a week from now!

Sailor Moon and gang's popularity has been gaining traction in recent years, most obviously from its recent anime remake, so it comes as no surprise that fans are going to get a dedicated Sailor Moon exhibition! Check out its CM below!

Running from 16 April to 19 June this year and located on one of the top floors of Mori Tower (which I had the delight of visiting once), the Sailor Moon exhibition will display old and new art, including exclusives created specially for the exhibition! As Mori Tower's museum is located on the 52nd floor, you can even spot the district the story is set in, Azabu Juban, from the adjacent Tokyo City View observatory!

Meanwhile, if you want a memorable souvenir, visit the museum store to purchase Sailor Moon goods to your heart's content!

A special treat for fans of the original manga: the debut of a coloured Chapter 1! Simply from the previews, I can already tell the massive amount of effort put in, and I definitely love the resulting vintage shoujo manga coloured panels!

By now, you must be wondering why I told you to eat up in the titile. Well, one thing the CM did not mention is the food! We've all seen it all over social media and Japan-based blogs, mouthwatering dishes inspired by our favourite protagonists and friends. So if you want a taste of Sailor Moon, look no further then CHIBIUSA Cafe! From mains to desserts and drinks, Chibiusa has you covered, judging by its gorgeous menu, which includes a classy dinner course overlooking the city.

For hardcore Sailor Moon fans, check out this map marking out actual locations the story was based on!

If you happen to be in Tokyo any time during the exhibition, I definitely recommend you to check out it out! As a plus point, the adjacent observatory deck features a stunning Tokyo skyline including the Tokyo Tower. For more details on the exhibit, check out its official website here!

Written by Nana

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