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Yumeiro Cast: Zipangu Event

Another event from Yumeiro Cast! This time it features Amamiya Jin, the flirty "big brother" of the cast. The theme this time is Zipangu and features a full cast of cards in the theme. Unfortunately, my scouting for this set failed quite badly and I managed to only get 1 SR of this set... and I obviously don't find it the best card in the scouting box either ^^;

Back to the event! This event that has been split up into two so far, where each gives only 1 copy of the UR card at 10,000 event points. It makes me wonder if there would be a third or fourth part to this event as a total of 4 copies are needed to awaken the card and raise the level limit to the max.

As usual, I play every event of Yumecast until I obtain at least 1 copy of the event UR. And this is the result of my efforts after 2 rigorous events~
As a result, each copy adds +0.50 to the event points from each song instead of the usual +0.15 for each copy of non-scouted (gained from event points) UR.

Though I feel like his awakened form isn't that lovely as his unawakened, there is a chance that the illustration will change for the better as there is a Star-Awakening for him, which is simply a second awakening for the already awakened card. With Star-Awakening, the illustration for the card will change and the card's level limit will increase by a further 20!

And of course, you can always switch between the illustrations for the unawakened, awakened, and Star-Awakened card.
Onto the scouts! For this event, the UR rates for the first card (out of ten) in the scout is at 20%UR 80% SR, making it a high-UR rate guaranteed SR scout. The rest of the 9 cards will go by 3%UR 15%SR and 82%R.

For my only scout in this event, I received 2 SRs in 10 cards and this is actually one of the worst scouts I have in game. Due to the inflated rates for UR on the first card, I typically get at least 1 UR per scout. To make matters worse, the one in the top left (1st row) is not an event card at all, meaning there is no boost to the score.

On the bright side, Iori (SR on 2nd row) is one of the Zipangu scouted cards and as a SR he will add +0.15 to my event points every song, given that he is in the team used to play the song. Also, I found out later that I had another copy of the non-event Kyoya and managed to awaken him! 

This is actually quite an old card so the art is a bit wonky. I don't comprehend how that apron really helps but I love the crisp lineart and aptly placed shading. It just makes the card look so neat and clean!

Getting 1 UR each event in Yumecast isn't very difficult and usually no LP refill is required either! If you are able to get many scouted cards of the same theme to boost your event points every song (maximum boost is +2), it will make it so much easier to benefit from the event, especially since you have a UR guaranteed ticket at 50,000 points (5x of the points needed for the event UR).

However, each full song takes about 3 minutes, making it quite time consuming to play. Furthermore, event cards usually do not appear again in scouting boxes so you will have to seize the chance to get those cards!

If you are someone who just likes good rates for UR, Yumecast might just be the game for you!

~ Reina-rin

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