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A Letter to Tooru

Dear Tooru,

I somewhat regret not having known you earlier, because you add so much zest into people's lives. Well, I wouldn't want a gigantic roasted dragon's tail for dinner though - poison removed or not. Your magic capacity is extremely useful on most grounds. I think that being able to fly at such an incredible speed and range is the coolest thing! Oh, your honesty can be rather intriguing at times. You do love Kobayashi, don't you? :)

A word of caution though - oh well, it is way too late but still - don't take a drunkard's words seriously. Thank goodness it was Kobayashi who had invited you over under the influence of alcohol. Imagine if it had been somebody else! Hmm, but since you are a dragon, I don't think that there is much to be worried about. Just don't annihilate the universe, yeah? Use standard greetings! That eyeballing is freaky! Then again, thank goodness it was Kobayashi - isn't she just overly cool for a human? Hey, don't look at me like that! I promise not to snatch her away from you!

I have to say that your maid get-up is rather cute and flattering. Is all of that really from your scales? Well, the huge tail dangling downwards can be quite the sight though! Anyway, since most people would mistake your presence as a mere cosplay enthusiast, I suppose that it doesn't matter. Personally, I fancy the horns. Nope, I don't want one as a souvenir! I said that I just like them on your head! 

I think that it is an intriguing concept to have dragons and humans co-exist, be it in an ancient or modern setting. Of course, it is a bonus if all dragons could transform into what you and your friends have done. Seriously, you whole lot do stand out very easily anywhere! I mean, though dragons essentially overshadow just about anything, couldn't you all conceal certain parts a little more...ah, never mind. Kobayashi and the rest of the humans don't seem to mind in the first place.

Right now, I am following the manga strips and having an awesome time reading! I am glad that I have taken the plunge to give your adventures a chance. I am a little slower (okay, much slower) watching the anime, but I am definitely watching more, yeah? Kobayashi is such an easy-going person to be around with! You and your friends are just as fun! I shall continue to see you all around then. Meanwhile, take care! :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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