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Naruto Live Spectacle 2


Okay actually please don't, I don't want your neighbours coming after me.

So what's up??? Naruto Live Spectacle 2 happened is what's up!!! I managed to go for the very last show on the 11th June, and as you can see this post is super delayed but please forgive me. I found some videos this time for yguys!!

NLS2 WAS AMAZING and the feels were attacking at full speed and I enjoyed myself so so much. NLS2 doesn't exactly continue off from where NLS1 ended, but they kicked off the show with the rescue of Gaara from the Akatsuki. 

NLS2 covered the part from there all the way till Itachi booped Sasuke on the forehead, and the assembling of Hebi and I CRIED SO HARD. This stage play also had a lot of dramatic opera singing/ music which matched up perfectly since we're talking about Orochimaru and the Uchiha brothers. I felt NLS2 had more singing than NLS1? And the casts' voices were amazing, especially how well they meshed together. 

Again, the live spectacle made very good use of props and lighting effects, especially for the jutsus, and especially for Orochimaru's!! 

They showcased Yamato's iconic scary face, and blew it up on the huge backscreen! It was hilarious, when combined with Naruto's shriek. Another cool prop was when Deidara self-destructed, they actually had a massive inflatable Deidara!!

I really liked the bit in Orochimaru's hideout where we had the Sasuke one-arm sling on Naruto's shoulders in that revealing outfit of his, with one hand resting on his sword hilt LIKE YO I'm seeing this in real life!!

I kinda felt that the middle bit of NLS2 was a tad boring, and then the ending was a little rushed, but that's probably due to the fact that the action is packed at the later ends of the arc. At the end of the Uchiha brothers' fight, Itachi's forehead boop was super anticlimatic, and I was hella disappointed. They also didn't show much of that important moment, it was just a boop and then they both keeled over. 

HOWEVER after a bit they had sort of a memory replay (??) thing where they had a more dramatic forehead boop befitting the Uchiha drama queens with canon lines and rain and emotional thoughts and IT WAS OVERWHELMING and I died. 

They showed the bit where Obito/Madara rescued Sasuke and then had the Itachi killing his clan reveal and I was not prepared for the massive feels and obviously neither was Sasuke. The acting was A**!!

Then we had Sasuke collecting his Hebi members and Karin had this hilarious tsun fangirl moment and I just wanted the play to go on forever. After the show the cast actually ran up the aisles to high-five the audience!! I really wanted to join the fun but I was right smack in the center and who knows how many people I have to trample to get to them. ):

All in all 10/10 definitely worth the money, time, and feels. 

I really hope they have a NLS3!! I'll grab a A category seat the next time if my wallet allows it!! Now before I leave you with pictures I just wanted to do a not so quick rant. Just skip this portion if you don't want to read it!!

I managed to get the center sear right at the front of the B category, in the second row, which meant that I had a clear view to the stage with no obstruction, since the first row is blocked off and empty, meaning those seats probably were not listed for sale?? I don't know for sure but it definitely couldn't have been a whole row of people happened to miss the show.

Anyway, I was so stoked like wow I didn't know I'd have such a clear view of the whole stage!! But the moment the lights dimmed, these two barbarians came from the back and casually seated themselves in the front row. 

Like yo, I'm pretty sure those are not your seats?? I was kind of pissed, but since they were not right in front of me I didn't make a fuss, and I didn't want to ruin my own mood. During the intermission, the usher came over and had a quick conversation with them, I assume it was a fyi you need to go back to your seat kind of thing. Well, not only did they continue sitting there, the guy next to me also moved to the row in front. What the heck?? Rude. 

me @ that moment
And then I had a group of girls sitting diagonally behind, who just wouldn't stop shrieking and commenting loudly about every single thing, and some of the comments about the props and such were not so nice. I don't know what the heck they were doing but the whole row of chairs were vibrating and I got so irritated I turned to glare at them. Which shut them up for about 10 minutes before they started right back up. Please, I know you're excited, we all are, but can yguys whisper softly? If I had a friend with me we'd be talking to each other too so I understand but, whisper, please??? I can bloody hear everything you're saying loud and clear, especially during the quieter moments of the play. Guys please don't be like them. 

And so that concludes my rant! Have these pictures as compensation for sticking with me. 

Videos first: 

Of the play:


lel drama queen


Of the cast:

my fav pic

Written by: ninetylives

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