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One Piece Run 2016 Singapore

For the very first time, Singapore plays host to the immensely popular anime series “One Piece Run 2016”. Created by Oda Eiichiro, this event was definitely an eye opener for me who does not participate in any running event. I was here at the Kallang Stadium since 6.40am  to familiarise myself and cover this event. Most participants were seen wearing their official One Piece orange t-shirt. I received my goodies bag and changed my shirt to blend in with the crowd.
What's inside the goodie bag, well….excluding the medal (Photo credit: One Piece Run 2016) 
I was both the Media Rep of Milkcananime and the proud owner of the One Piece medal.
The medal is beautiful and heavy. It is made from metal and I am sure One Piece's fans will treasure this limited edition piece.
Although the sky was still dark, most participants were here, taking photographs with the Boat and cosplayers. I took this chance to explore every white booth before it got crowded later. Besides the VIP booth, there was this Merchandise shop where fans could get their beloved character t-shirt, towel, and hats. Luffy's straw hat was the most popular item among all. According to the shop owner, the straw hats often get sold out in less than 1 hour.I like the keychain and chopper's hat the most. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of those merchandises before it became a battle ground.
The price range from $5 to $35 per piece. 
An announcement was made and the participants with bib number were ushered to the Track & Field. There were about 10 batches for the runners at the starting point. The energy levels were high. The first batch comprised of competitive runners. The front line dashed out when a signal was given by the emcee.
Very eager to start! It was hard to get into this position to capture this. Is was a battle between DSLR cameras and  iPhone. 

First batch of runners
Many Luffy were spotted during the run.
I had decided to join in the run and win the medal! *Walk as usual* Here are some images that I captured along my run. 
There were 3 zones along the track. Fish Man Island, Dress Rosa and Punk Hazard.
Info Signage such as this was displayed at the field.
2 zones were setup. Runners had to join the queue if they wanted to take a photograph with the backdrop.

Syrena (left) is the first mermaid in Singapore.
The staff did not let me go near this area without a proper bib number.
And.. toward the FINISHING LINE......
I stand here and watched the first few participants arrive. This hot lady can run really fast!

A runner showing off his proud medal!

After the run, we were treated to a stage perfomance by USAGI. You may refer to her profile here.

Please enjoy some of the images which I took during the event. This is my first official event as a media personnel. I have so many things to learn especially in photo takings! I ended up with more than 200 images in my phone storage and I have to filter the good one out. 

Too MANY people were lining up for the tattoo and photo booth services.
USAGI on stage.
So many oranges.
I love this photo a lot.
Some of the activities in the event:
I tried this but it barely reached number 2

Professional tattoo service. It was so much better than the one at Blizzard Game Booth from last few months. 
End result.

The oversized One Piece Roger Jolly Boat

Pictures on the Stage

Lastly the cosplayers! There were few more but the weather was so hot and I was sweating profusely under the sun. 

Managed to meet the beautiful Arina Rafiyah. Can you recognise what character was she posing as?
Bearded Luffy
I was amazed by these enthusiastic cosplayers.When it comes to cosplay, age is just a number.

Family photo.
Caught up with these cosplayers during my run.
I will be uploading some event videos soon. Watch this page for the links.

Were you in the One Piece Run 2016? If you have any interesting story to share with me, please leave it at the comment below.

On a sidetrack, there was this guy proposing to his girlfriend on that day itself on stage. I managed to capture some photos and videos. If you are interested to know the story, I am willing to share them with you.

*Swimming back to the ocean*

Written by SnoringSeal

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