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「Mobage」Ikemen Sengoku

The main storyline of this game follows our cute little talented heroine who just landed her dream job as a fashion designer and was on a holiday in Kyoto before she starts work. One stormy night when she was visiting tourist spots in the area, she chanced upon a man in a lab coat at the monument of Honnou-ji, the castle where Oda Nobunaga was betrayed and committed suicide. At that moment, lightning stuck the monument and the two were thrust back in time to 500 years ago.

The heroine meets Nobunaga in the fire and manages to save him, thus changing history. Nobunaga then labels her as his "lucky charm" and demands for his troops to bring her back to his castle. Along the way she meets both his allies and enemies, which are also coincidentally the heroine's other choices), as well as the guy in the lab coat. The latter arrived 4 months prior to the heroine and has settled into the warring period well by taking up the name "Sasuke" who was a fictional ninja, to prevent changing history.

It is then that the heroine finds out that history has already been changed due to the presence of people like Takeda Shingen in this timeline, when they were supposed to be long dead. Still adamant on returning to the present, she then plans with Sasuke to be in Kyoto three months later, when a wormhole will open again and return the two to the present.

However, for the three months that the heroine has to remain in the castle as chatelaine... can she resist falling in love with the Ikemen?
First off, let's just put it out there that this is an Otome game (a visual novel for girls where they "date" guys) and is quite distinct from the anime which does not feature a heroine.

Next, let's talk about how PC and handheld control Otome games differ from mobile Otome games such as Ikemen Sengoku. For the former, you purchase the full game and play it from start to end at your own time and target. For the latter, you usually have to use chapter tickets to unlock the stories, which means that you will have a limited number of chapters parts you can read per day. In Ikemen Sengoku's case, this is rather slow--5 tickets per day, which means that you need 2 days to clear one full chapter (10 parts each).
If you are thinking that's very slow, I agree with you. In addition, it has a dramatic ending, romantic ending and an epilogue, which all adds up to making progression on the main story itself to be very, very slow. But hey, they make up for it!


Through side stories. Ikemen Sengoku has an event as well as 2 gacha systems where you can get voiced side stories which will be archived into your "memories" so you can listen to them again anytime, any day.
Castle Gacha (similar to friend point gacha) would give voiced cards and decoration items for your castle (so you can have a beautiful love nest for you and your lover, apparently). 

Fashion gacha (with gems) will give both of the above as well as attire (for aesthetics and "beauty" stats).

Who would say no to kimono, right?!

And most importantly, most of the gacha in Ikemen Sengoku has no doubles. So if you roll enough (not that it costs much to roll >_>), you will eventually get every single goodie in the gacha.
Secondly, Ikemen Sengoku also lets you increase "Grace" stats via Princess Lessons (a PVP system, stamina bar refills every 5 hours) and by clearing the lesson with excellent bonus, you will gain gacha points too. Again, it's a pretty slow system for gaining gacha points this way (unless you have luck to get the bonus all the time), but you can get gacha points from login or through paying too. In comparison, gems are given only through login and paying.

But the main draw of the game is not just through these features but the heroine. The heroine isn't a pushover like those in many other games (I'm looking at you diabolik lovers!) and that is extremely pleasing for someone who enjoys playing Otome games to find one that steps out of the mold of spineless heroines and having something more unique.
As of now there are only three main routes (Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura) but more are to follow (Takeda Shingen, Tokugawa Ieyasu, etc.)

Choose your favorite guy and let's play the game together!
Currently, I'm on Date Masamune's route =w=)b

Written by Reina

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