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Welcoming back the summer heat...

Sayonara Haru, Okaeri Natsu. It sounded better in my mind. Anyways, the wonderful weather of spring has finally left us, and the humid and sweltering heat of the summer, has dawned upon us again. It brings about promises of wonderful anime and also the much-awaited break from school. For others, yes, but for a poly student like me, this season and its heat isn’t setting the holiday mood. Is summer really a break much deserve or a curse in disguise?
I know it's a bit late for this but I wanted to write this and make a trend for myself. So...

I’ll first begin with highlighting a few anime that I’ve enjoyed in spring, including those that have finished last season and those spring leftovers that are still continuing.

Let’s see. What have I enjoyed? Black Bullet’s tragic cuteness, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou’s slapstick humor, Date A Live II’s growing harem, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?’s moe, Gokukoku no Brynhildr’s gory fiesta, Mekaku City Actors’s confusing arcs, No Game No life’s absolute victories, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin’s pudding madness and Sidonia no Kishi’s wonderful animation. There are still the ongoing Captain Earth mecha adventures and also Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, where there is finally some action underneath all that wincest.

Well, let’s kick off my review of the first episode of anime that I will be watching this season, starting with Akame ga Kill.

This anime is an adaptation of a manga that was introduced in 2010. It follows a young boy who goes off to the capital city to find a job in the army to raise money for his village. But his expectations of the city falls far off as he learns the harsh truth of how corrupted it is. The anime is interesting as you wonder how this “Night Raid” will change the corruption and whether will it actually change. The episode count for this anime is only 12 episodes so the story won’t progress much. But I do hope they’ll at least bring out Esdese before the show ends. The manga is actually pretty good and I do wonder whether they’ll keep true to the story or will there be some tweaks and changes. It’s a shame that that they censored out some of the gory scene.

Images are taken from Google. Kudos.

All Hail Esdeath-sama!

Next is Aldnoah Zero. This anime started off slow where it changed from being on Mars to Earth which get me a bit confused then there is that ending where war between planets arise. Well, that escalated quickly. It got me confused for a moment but after watching a few episodes, I finally grasp the setting of the show and also finally see some action. I’ll continue watching it as I’m expecting a love triangle somewhere, a square seems possible too. Also the main character seems to remind me of a few characters from other anime.

Ao Haru Ride. I am quite stunned, taken aback, surprised and a bit speechless by this irregular. That twist in the end was unexpected for a romance anime to follow. The build up it created from the monologue and flashbacks were already cute and appealing and then they gave me this hook out of nowhere. Well, the show got more interesting. Seriously though, what has happened to Tanaka, I mean Mabuchi?

Aren't they a cute couple?

Following that is Bakumatsu Rock. The target audience for this anime is specifically for a certain group making its seem that the summer anime are targeted towards that category but I like this show. The songs that were produced are great and I can’t stop rocking out to it, especially the ending song.  It is also an interesting concept where samurais don’t use their swords often but rather the microphones. It makes it seems peaceful and quiet, well other than the constant screaming of girls and music.

The next anime is something I enjoy very much. Barakamon caught my interest easily with its country feel, colorful and vibrant villagers, and also the way the characters in the story communicate is unique as they all have their problems and relatable personalities. They are such lovable characters especially Naru. She is absolutely adorable. Hina is too. Being a Calligrapher isn’t an easy occupation so I wonder how our protagonist will shine with his.

Don't cry Hina...

Up next is a barrage of nostalgia as the legendary series of our pretty guardian in sailor uniform gets a revamp look. I am absolutely excited for this, as sailor moon is one of my childhood anime similar to most of you guys. But some remain skeptical as to whether making Crystal is a wise move. Some say they prefer the 2D animation while there are those who welcome the change. Personally, I don’t really mind the fresh air. Hey, it adds up to my watching list so I’m all for it. And that transformation sequence. So cool.


A new Fate series was introduced last year, so now its time for a second season. But wait… Something seems familiar in the title. Oh! My name is in it. Well, my nickname that is. Still, I feel honored to be part of the anime. Haha… Well the first episode kind of surprised me with the hinted yuri and the second episode confirms the yuri genre that’s missing in the description. Although this series is focused on Illya’s POV, I really miss Shiro’s hero personality. Oh, and I remember that line. “People die if they are killed.” HA! Cracks me up every time.

Now the main summer attraction has arrived according to their proclamation last year to see us next summer. This summer will bring about many eternal memories with this anime. Free! is back and better than ever. Having to wait for a whole year, Haru is finally back in that sexy water. I can feel fangirls around the world screaming with glee especially with that ending song. That wonderful ending song that caught my attention instantly that I had to replay Rin’s part for a few times just to make sure that he is actually doing the wave with his body. And with the new character introduced, I feel sparks flying in the air. Is this rivalry? For Rin!?

This left me speechless...

Well the next title is quite long so I’ll use its synonym. Locodol isn’t your average school idol anime where there is always some kind of company behind them. But I guess its better than a company. They have the town where they live backing them up in their endeavors. It’s interesting to see how someone would react if they are suddenly entrusted the role of the idol, especially through blackmail. Reminds me if AKB49, where the only difference is that the main character are of opposite genders.

Okay, this anime is absolutely brilliant. It pulled my heartstrings five minutes after I watched it. The confession in the beginning and its response is hilarious. The characters are so much fun. They’re like a ball of string while I’m cat who’s bored. I really like this anime. It revolves around the school life as well as a manga author’s, mixing in antics and humor, creating a wonderful blend of fun. The contrast between its opening and ending defines the anime greatly. Did I mention that the opening song is amazing? I can’t help but rock out to it. It’s such a breather for me after watching a war, gore, killing, moe yuri, romance twist anime. An anime that brings me back to my roots and my favorite genres. I should start reading the manga. I heard it's a four panel… Ah, how careless of me. I forgot to mention the anime’s name. My excitement got the better of me. The anime is titled Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Confession fail(?)

Glasslip, from the name you can guess there is glass involve and when there is glass there is always a chance of it to shatter. In the anime, there is this group of friends that always hang out together but there is this rule in the group. You cannot fall in love with anyone from the group. I could tell there is going to be trouble brewing and friendship will be tested. Predictable, just like the anime with its clairvoyance. But being able to predict how the story is going to flow is fun. Although it’s slightly decrease the appeal, the anime is still nice to watch. The anime has beautiful animation and soundtrack. The opening is amazing. As expected of Choucho-san. Such a wonderful calm voice. Such sweetness. And there is also nano.ripe. A good combo.

Hanayamata. It’s beautiful. Done.

Eh, more? Hmm… The anime is dazzling and cute... The opening and ending is wonderful. The opening followed a few other anime with the dancing but it is so appealing to the eyes. Dancing in anime always amazes me. The characters are bright and vibrant and I don’t mean the hairs. It reminds me of Kiniro Mosaic. Is it because of the blond? I can’t wait to watch the other episodes. Maybe I’ll die from eyegasms?

Okay… this next one is still a mystery to me. I don’t know why I pick this up. The title Jinsei sounds epic. The picture in the description looks interesting and the synopsis for it interest me and yet, I don’t know why I pick this up. Well, this anime provide some kind of life counseling, where the heroines provide some weird answers but in the end the answers became different. I’ll continue this for a while. No, I’ll watch to the end just to understand why I pick this up.

Rail Wars! is an interesting anime due to its concept, where it takes place in an alternate version of Japan.. It follows a high school student who aspires to work at Japanese National Railways but ends up in the security department due to his actions. Oddly enough, the department he’s in contains those that fought along with him before. And thus begin their lives carrying out peace and order on the railways against a group of extremists called RJ. I enjoy the anime quite a bit as I get to see the different sceneries where the trains pass by. Its like having the experience to witness the beauty of Japan without being physically there.

You know that if the rent for a room out for lease is very cheap, there is always a hidden meaning behind it. Start of with a tenant, add a ghost, mix in a magical girl, throw in a descendant of an ancient clan and top it off with an alien princess and you’ll get Rokujyoma Shinryakusha! I pick up this anime just to see how the everyday life with this group would be. The ending song is cute and nice though.

Sabagebu. There may be a similarity to C3-bu and also Kitakubu Katsudo Kiroku with a splash of wild in it. I actually thought of dropping this series but I enjoyed their humor and their antics. It's a very funny anime. I can’t help but laugh at the deaths(?) of the characters there. It also reminds me of Phineas and Ferb with the platypus character.

This next one is something I was looking forward to ever since I read the light novel. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is anime that combines magic and sword, similar to SAO part 2, ALO. But they incorporated this festival/ ritual called the Blade Dance where the participants fight against each other to appease the deities and in exchange, their wish will be granted. It follows Kazehaya Kamito, who is the world’s only male elementalist in his adventures at school. While he was lost in the forest, he met Claire Rouge. And after several events, he became her contracted spirit. Unbeknownst to her and others, he was the former Blade Dance champion, the girl Ren Ashbell. Yup, gender bender. Basically he cross-dressed as a girl and entered the competition, in order to get a wish granted. Talk about desperate. But his wish was something that change his life. What was the wish? Well, watch the anime then.

This next anime I don’t really know what to say about it. Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen is a mecha series where it follows this new recruit whom reluctantly pilot a new robot. Because of that, the robot doesn’t recognizes anyone else other than him as the pilot. The protagonist gives off thus meek feeling, making the anime as a whole too down. You know that feeling when the anime you’re watching is able to bring you into their world? This anime feels like the opposite. There is no fun in it. I hope it picks up in the following episodes.

The next anime is something that I have waited for quite a while and was very excited when I saw this on the list for summer. Sword Art Online II or Gun Gale Online which is what I call it, is the second addition to the Sword Art Online series. The story this time will tell about the Death Gun arc where players die in real life when the person called Death Gun shoots them in the game. I’ve read the light novel so I know what is going to happen but I won’t spoil it. But I can say this. People aren’t who they appear to be or a much easier term would be, don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, the previous arcs will collide in the current arc so as to fill in some holes in the story. The episode count for this is 24 episodes long, which makes me feel quite delighted as its going to be the same length SAO but, I felt that my expectations were let down. The series is 24 episodes long because of how slow the story progresses on in each episode. I thought that they might include in the Underworld arc in but, no. Well at least the opening and ending songs are nice. I though LiSA is going to sing the opening though.

The first episode was quite boring though...

This anime amazes me when I first watch it. The story of Tokyo ESP follows a girl name Rinka who witness a penguin and goldfishes flying in the sky and one of the goldfish entered her causing her to faint. She then woke up to find that she mysteriously ended up in her neighbors house which was directly below hers. It turns out that she became a person with miraculous power, an esper. The story is good and they went into a flashback on the second episode to introduce the protagonist. The soundtracks are the ones that amaze me the most. I was watching it class, with my earpiece on, at quite a high volume. Immediately, when the soundtrack for the first episode came on, I was totally mesmerized as the soundtrack sounded amazing when played against the visuals. It felt so wonderful. I had to replay it a few times just to get that feeling again. I am surely looking forward to the next episode.

I picked up Tokyo Ghoul due to the image shown on the description. It felt dark and mysterious, so I check it out. I wasn’t disappointed after the first episode and that opening song, just amazing. Kaneki’s mask is damn cool. I feel like cosplaying as him but I don’t think my height allows it as I am taller that him. Anyway the story is interesting as there is a lot of killing and blood (but they censor it though…) It takes me to a different world. Like there is always a dark side to that bright society life, where there are others who are lurking in the shadows. A great show to watch and a good manga to read as well.

I wonder on which episode will his hair turn white?

The final anime that I am watching is Zankyou no Terror. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this was listed. Did the government over in Japan just gloss over it? The anime is about terrorists wreaking havoc in Japan with bombs and destruction. Why was this approve? But it doesn’t really matter because it is enjoyable to watch. The stealing scene in the first episode was amazing and the bombing in the second part was just… wow… I really don’t understand why this was aired. Every episode is fun as the terrorists and the police are like playing mind games. It is so interesting to watch and fun to solve the riddles that the terrorist gave. It is definitely staying in my watch list.

So that was it. My anime list for this summer and there is also some OVAs that I’ll be picking up along the way. There is also Hanamonogatari that is coming up so that’ll be interesting. I wonder what happened with Kaiki since that last episode?

So guys, anything that interests you this summer? Or are you guys going to enjoy it by going on holiday or hanging out with your friends? Maybe even go to the beach and get a tan? Travelling perhaps? Or maybe just lazing around at home after the amount of stress accumulated from school? Anyway, enjoy this summer as much as you can. Unlike Free!, ours is not eternal. But at least the memories are.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei

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