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My Hero Academia: Season 2!

This anime was the third (and last?!) on my to-watch list! Fun fact: the western fandom likes abbreviating it to 'BNHA' (Boku no Hero Academia) while its short form in the Japanese fandom is 'MHA'. I found this kind of hilarious. XD

If my memory serves me well, the series started gaining popularity sometime last year, and the number of fans hasn't stopped increasing ever since then. It's like haikyuu where it got super popular amongst many people around me, and of course to find out what the fuss is all about, I had to watch it. Which was something I wasn't planning to do until a friend recommended I watch it, so I relented!

There are posts on here already that mentioned MHA being so popular season 2 was underway when season 1 just finished airing/was still airing :o

Like with Tiger and Bunny, I initially got a little bored in the beginning. Because I watched it after the aforementioned series, it felt like a step back to me since we are back to typical shounen manga settings: the main character is a high school student, and everyone is Japanese (in Tiger and Bunny, people from many different races come together to live in Sternbuild City) etc.

However, there is the more riveting premise of the main character starting out with no special powers, called a quirk in this case (個性 kosei) while 80% of the population already has some sort of quirk. And to be a hero, you must have a suitable quirk to help the people in need. But not Midoriya Izuku - whose dreams have been shattered since he was about 5 years of age when it is found out that he will possess no special ability while almost everyone his age has at least one by that time.

At the age of 15 and about to graduate Middle School, he still hasn't yet given up on that dream, and yearns to enter UA High School which is the recognised elite training school for heroes. Everyone aspiring to be a hero wants to enter the school, and Izuku, though quirkless, also has the same target, even if no one else thinks he can do it. Things look bleak for Izuku, especially when he was very nearly kidnapped while on the way back home.

Then he meets the number 1 hero - All Might. A chain of event follows, and Izuku lucks out - acquiring a special power and entering UA.

And that is just the beginning! Izuku then encounters a new set of problems, and the first ones would be in the form of his childhood friend turned bully (Bakugo Katsuki) being in the same class as he is. On top of that, Izuku must also be able to keep his quirk in control, having only just acquiring it, and to aim for the top.

That would be the gist of season 1. Season 2 is where things start to get really exciting!! UA holds a sports festival every year, and it is always met with great attention from outsiders, since even the happenings of the festival are filmed and aired live on TV. Many different events would be held, but the most anticipated section of the festival would be the showdown between all aspiring heroes in the academy. Potential employers would spectate so it's also a great chance to show each individual's potential!

Along the way, Izuku would meet a new set of problems! The story will go on to focus more on people in class 1-A with the introduction of new characters from other parts of the school. Of course, trouble continue to stir outside UA; the end of season 1 sees the UA training facility being under attack, but the villains show no sign of backing down as they resume planning to tear apart the current state of things.

More notable scenes from the earlier parts of season 2:

And this sports festival is just the tip of the iceberg! The heroes-in-training will then go on their internships while trouble continues to stir in various parts of the country. The challenges the characters face, their interactions with others, and fight scenes are just some of the things you can watch out for. With more problems and discoveries surfacing, Midoriya Izuku's quest to become the best hero does not come easy at all. But then, to quote Isashiki Jun from Ace of Diamond, "No one will intentionally set something easily achievable as their goal."

I am hoping to read the MHA manga soon to find out what happens after the events of season 2! Season 3 is on its way and will be out next year, I can't wait to see more exciting events come to life.

Izuku in a pinch...!

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