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April: Cardcaptor Sakura

Hello readers. Happy April Fools'! Don't most of us appreciate a lighthearted prank or some? The best part is that we could always leave the revenge for another occasion. Spring is here, and cherry blossoms are still not blooming outside my house. I have Cardcaptor Sakura though, but quite unfortunately I wouldn't be able to have her summon the Flower card in reality. It would be awesome to have some pretty flowers overwhelming the corridor, and right past the neighbours' too. Then, I would put the entire Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack on repeat, while pretending that I have gone out for the day. Actually, I should just go out.

Speaking of Cardcaptor Sakura, the franchise has been celebrating its longevity with a whole line-up of wonderful stuff. Nakayoshi is one, and readers might be familiar with the 60th Anniversary commemorative edition of the manga which saw the series donned in brand new cover art, and slightly condensed. The Nakayoshi edition has nine volumes, as compared to the original twelve when the manga was first released. I'm so relieved (and happy, of course) that I have the complete set sitting comfortably in my bedroom. Just yesterday, I had finally finished reading the fifth book after such a long, long interval.

A recent stopover at Books Kinokuniya (this is pretty much the only option over here) had my heart in tangles with the discovery of a 20th Anniversary commemorative book of illustrations! Gosh, quit blinding my eyes. This timely (for the lack of a better word) release (pun absolutely intended) celebrates with meticulously selected art by CLAMP. In 1996, Cardcaptor Sakura made its debut in Nakayoshi, and would serialise over the next four years. This collection also comes with a giant poster measuring 70cm by 100cm! Jeez, I would love to get it...despite the steep price. Then again, with the manga that I have been piling up in my bedroom, paying for what could be my very first illustration book is...(kindly insert an appropriate adjective on my behalf)

Oh, there will also be a re-run of the anime beginning on the 6th of April. But it won't be the entire 70 episodes. Nope, the series isn't being condensed whatsoever. Simply put, the focus this time will be solely on the pursuit of the Clow Cards. That arc spreads over 46 episodes. Yeah, it is rather an awkward feeling. I mean, while I understand that the idea is really about gathering all those scattered cards and putting them in order so as to prevent a catastrophe, the Sakura Cards arc is just as intense and important. Oh well, since there is virtually no new content in the works, the reminiscence could play out on our own terms. Just a few days ago, I was listening to the soundtrack during the long bus ride. Hmm.

If anybody happens to be in Japan for the next six months or so, please visit the Cardcaptor Sakura Animate Cafe on my behalf. The first leg takes place in Ikebukuro, and subsequent locations include Sendai, Okayama, blah blah blah. Somebody should just import that concept right over here. We need a Daidouji family for this! Jeez, the best things are at where their origins came from. Once again, if anybody is in Ikebukuro, please...

Read more manga. Watch more anime. Have more fun. Be happy.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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