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Hapi Mari

When we broach the topic about marriage, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind?

Maki Enjouji, the creator and illustrator of a mature themed manga titled: Hapi Mari also translated as "Happy Marriage". Mind you, this manga demographically target are readers who revel in the genre(s): romance, josei, drama and comedy. It was serialized on Shogakukan's Josei on June 2009-September 2012. There total 10 volumes altogether and also, it's very own movie respectively acted by Dean Fujioka and Seino Nana.

Allow me to introduce our main protagonist: Takanashi Chiwa and Mamiya Hakuto who are thrust together under a dire circumstances incriminated with unfulfilled debts, the ongoing Mamiya family feud and the cause of Hakuto's mother death. It's a deadly (pun not intended) potent for an intense structure.

*Adjusting my glasses to better admire Hakuto's enigmatic feature*

The addictive development due to the suspense as you delve deeper into the chapters also with the characters mismatched personalities that makes a great combo for a satisfied read. An unlikely couple who has a very different perspective, so what are the odds against them? Hapi Mari warrant a seal of approval from my point of view, similar to a fish hooked on the line because it caught my interestedness. But, can we also discourse about the fine details on the author's illustration?

I won't slander to myself, because I nurture a major crush on Hakuto; he's a man who values his pride, an unhealthy dose of arrogance, temperamental and masculinity *flipped on the fan switch*. Hakuto had his own motive to go along with the marriage to Chiwa whom he had never came up against and the same for our adorable female protagonist. My gratitude to the author for a independent and resilient heroine despite her meek sized, Chiwa proved to be a tolerant character who had to put up with the business mogul and live a life as a married woman in a loveless contract. The readers are advised that the manga incorporate with slight nudity.

But the wedded couple soon pore over to uncover the bitter truth behind the successful fortress of the Mamiya clan.

*Nonchalantly adds a intriguing picture of the pair*

As a satisfied reader, the review star for Hapi Mari is: 10/10. I'm pleased to chance upon this gem and you won't get enough to flipped through 10 volumes just once; it's a manga that beckon you to make a comeback countless times. I was literally glued to my device until the end of the chapter even shed tears of joy. The progression of the manga was rightly balanced with tingling humor, sigh-worthy scenarios between the main characters; loveable encounter with the supporting characters as well and a riot of mixed emotions from dramatic situations.

Written by Rugi Chan

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