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My most anticipated anime in Winter 2018

As with every season, we have some new shows that season as well as some continuing seasons. And some of these shows have already aired their first episodes, it makes it much easier to sift through what I am interested in and what I would pass.

The following are the new shows which I would be likely to follow throughout this season and I hope that this list can serve as a list of recommendations for those of you who don't watch a lot each season!

Violet Evergarden
This series originates from an award winning novel series, where a young girl formerly known as "the weapon" lost her arms and has left the battlefield. The general who she holds dear (Gilbert) has left her with the words "I love you" and she has yet to find out the meaning, and placed her in the care of his friend, Hodgins.
Under Hodgins care, she is adopted into the Evergarden household and starts a new life at CH Postal Service, where she is intrigued by the work of "Auto Memories Dolls". They work by converting people's thoughts and emotions into words and conveying these words to others. Violet takes on the job in order to understand the nuance of love and the meaning behind Gilbert's words.
Not to mention both the art of the characters and the backgrounds are amazing, so do be sure to check it out!

Ito Junji: Collection
This is a collection of short works under the genre of horror. 
I personally feel that the works depicted are more suitable to be grouped under "creepy" but as Ito Junji has many amazing works such as Uzumaki and Tomie, this anime is probably a must for most horror fans out there.
Each episode contains 2 short stories which are not linked and while this might make it seem a little choppy, if you just take a step back to enjoy each story on its own, the series shouldn't be that bad at all!

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
This is another series which comes from a light novel and unlike what the name may suggest, this anime is definitely not a fun slice-of-life show about ramen in Hakata.
The story revolves around several gifted individuals and these people have jobs such as professional (crossdressing) killers, informants as well as detectives, and they work to survive in the Hakata ward while trying to not come under notice of the urban legend, someone who kills professional killers.
The similarity of the setting to Durarara is what made me curious about this show in the first place, and I must say that the atmosphere in the show is eerily similar to Durarara as well. If you liked Durarara, this show might be one that you would want to check out.

~ Reina-rin

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