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A Letter To Kotarou

Dear Kotarou,

Don't cry. Nobody is taking away your favourite nii-chan. Then again, it is probably okay to cry. I mean, you are scarily (?) expressionless most of the time! Even your nii-chan has some difficulty sometimes trying to figure out what you are thinking, or what you want to say. Anyway, despite your lack of expression, you have effortlessly become a hot commodity among the children in the daycare room.

I suppose there isn't an ideal explanation for your demeanour, and it is probably unnecessary to search for a reason as the people around you seem relatively okay with your 'maturity'. Well, the adults are occasionally intrigued though. Your prolonged silence does raise some concern from Usaida-san. You would really wait till the end of time for your nii-chan, wouldn't you? It is okay to make some noise, you know?

Now, this is undeniably cute! I don't know if it is a pure coincidence or not, but the colours really match! Your sweater and pants go very well with your nii-chan's bento cloth. Good work on your first errand! Don't worry about the little mishap by the stairs. Your nii-chan is still very happy!

I know I shouldn't laugh at this scenario, but is just too much! Thankfully, you haven't caught the cold from being so dangerously close to your sick nii-chan. Even though you are far too young to understand many things, let me just say something: your nii-chan is a very strong man, and a strong man does tear up from time to time.

I would love to see this hairdo on you for real someday! It actually suits you perfectly, despite its tremendous volume. Perhaps the chairperson aka Granny would take you along to the hairdresser next time! Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy (I should probably say smiling but that isn't your trademark) in your own ways. I shall catch you and the rest of the gang back at the daycare room soon!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪
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