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Cyberpunk Cerevo: The most expensive toy this year part two, and the future is Ghost in The Shell

Who would build replicas from anime shows? The typical answer is hardcore otakus, or cosplayers. There are even companies offering to forge metal weapons for a commission now. But no one actually considered cybernetics. Because quite simply, most are not researchers. Until now. And it is no surprise it is a Japanese Company.

As I have covered in the previous snippets, Cerevo has caused a storm with its crazy cyberpunk Dominator gun from cult adult anime Psychopass. They recently revealed the real McCoy at Wonderfest. And boy, who WON'T want to try that out? Just look at the GIF below.

Apparently it even comes with an in-build camera and can connect to your handphone. Talk about attention to detail! Cerevo is making huge waves in other areas too.

Ghost in the Shell is probably one of the grandaddies of anime cyberpunk. From a gag, futuristic manga by the mysterious Shirow Masamune, it became a very different anime when it was adapted into a movie by Oshii Mamoru.

Renowned worldwide for its groundbreaking cyberpunk feel, this was probably the Star Wars of anime. But the slow, noir feel that Ooshi is famous for slows the film down to a crawl. Commercial success really came when Ghost in The Shell: Standalone Complex was made by Kamiyama Kenji. 

Fast paced and full of futuristic themes such as the rights of androids, full body hacking etc, the hit anime series reestablished Production IG as the cutting edge of cyberpunk. And Cerevo is now in collaboration with them for Project Realize, essentially an attempt to make the world of Ghost In The Shell a reality, a momentous task. Now many websites have already covered this event, but they do not have any knowledge of the anime at all. 

A prototype of the latest Tachikoma, with inner workings. Tachikomas are essentially light tanks that can go stealth and can sit one person. Weapons can be customised to include missiles, grappling hooks, machine guns etc. The Standalone Tachikoma was blue.This red model of Tachikoma was used in the latest spinoff, Arise.

Interceptors was the ultimate way you can hack a cyborg. You can control their movement, see what they see, and this is what they are demonstrating here. A scary future. They even including the cool readings.

Some cool press release with cosplay. Batou looks goofy.

Actual cybernetic limb. This is a working prototype that can move by reading the movement of your arm. 

Cerevo is serious about pushing cutting edge technology. While it started out from anime imitation it will interesting to see if their technology will actually become mainstream. 

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