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Hiro Mashima - Fairy Tail Couple Canon on Twitter

The life of an otaku is never easy, we are always on a quest in pursuit for a good manga to read or anticipate for the next episodes of our especial anime. We have a sound reasoning to convulse rather outrageously and occult hearts flutter out from our animation twinkle peepers; the massive fandoms throughout the globe. Welcome, to a world in which aficionados pledge their precious time slaving behind the screen of their computers, dedicating themselves in the art of cosplay, to specifically sketch their favorite characters and collecting figurines.

But, we shall jump into those topics eventually, as a result we have a situation of which the Fairy Tail fandoms are in high spirits (pun not intended). The creator of Fairy Tail universe: powerful mages, dragon slayers, guilds and grand adventures has seize Twitter on a frenzy storm. Why you may ask? the "canon couples" of a particular famous guild unwind themselves on a serene spa resort. Including their friendly wizardry pals from neighbouring guild as well.  

The manga has multitude of jumble reviews due to the storyline, Fairy Tail's close knit comrades channel their strength with friendship. But our focal point points to Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia both a dragon slayer and a celestial mage respectively. She is born in a wealthy accommodate; the relationship between father and daughter tautness under palpable tension. The independent mage embarks on a lone journey and soon cross paths with Natsu and his blue exceed - a flying cat. Lucy's dream to be a member of Fairy Tail guild comes true and embarks on countless chaotic ventures as we witness their blossoming friendship heavily hinting on a plausible romance. Nalu a cute moniker of their first names mash together, swiftly garner approvals.

 The fire up (pun intended) picture shown above work everyone into a lather and foaming from the mouth. A chain adorning their necks as they playful strike dominant poises; possessiveness radiating by the display of body language as their gaze feast on one another. Of course, we are about to indulge in the short humorous yet sigh-worthy comics from the very talented author who very cease to delight us. The panels are divided into four sections so, we may only be able to have a glimpse on the safer ones since Hiro Mashima is well known to deliver fan-services.
Erza the Scarlet Maiden and Jellal Fernandes, "Jerza" in short also a mash of the names. Titania nurture affection for her childhood friend and the only person who is capable to tame her wild heart which in certainty, the guild members are inwardly stoke due to the harassment they receive from her. The comic for Erza x Jellal delivers an euphoric atmosphere just as the wizard saunters clad in a short hip towel (on cue the sea of nose-bleed) to witness her playful and drunkard antics on her hapless teammates: Gray Fullbuster and Gajeel Redfox. He saves the teary duo and they see a quick change in her demeanour as she blushes prettily whilst Jellal pat on the head. From their befuddle expressions on the ice mage and the dragon slayer they are having difficulty to process the sudden turnabout.
Levy McGarden and Gajeel Redfox, better known as "Gale" for the Iron dragon slayer and the pretty mage as they are a official couple. The charming duo alongside their black coat exceed -Lily Panther- enjoy lively activities as adorable family or as we take a glimpse at the intimate scene from the comic strip; the male recalls his sad state under Erza's rough hands but Levy reassures him and they proceed to toy with that strip of ribbon. Can they even be more cuter? Gajeel's fiery gaze lights up whenever Levy is in attendance and the petite female compliments his tall stature. As proven in many occasions, he is head over heels for her whereas Levy is very protective over her handsome dragon slayer much to our heart's delight. Their children are up for a colourful tale of how their parents first bump into one another.

I'm eagerly awaiting for more wonderful and hilarious comics from Hiro Mashima, constantly checking up on my Twitter feed to make sure if there is any latest release even though it is set up with a notification bell. My love for Fairy Tail will grow even more because Natsu and his gang still live on in our hearts and all the tears, laughter and angst we have experience alongside the characters.

Written by, Rugi-chan
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