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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Nishinoya Yuu (Good Smile Company)

While it's a little late for a Noya's review, help is always needed when deciding whether to go for a figure in the aftermarket or just to let it go, and I hope that this would be of help!
I really like the concept they have with this box. Knowing that Noya-san is the libero and is in inverse colors, I'm really glad that they went with the inverse thing for the box as well!
Noya-san does come with a lot of parts, more so for the hair than anything else. He comes with a hair up and a hair down version, as well as many different parts to showcase a serious Noya-san in a match or a more everyday Noya-san!

Of course, his figure comes in a snug blister and with protective plastic pieces to prevent paint transfers.

As many of you know, Haikyuu!! Nendoroids come with a volleyball court base. This means that it's larger and you'll be able to place many more Nendoroids onto the same base as it comes with many more peg holes. 

However it also means that there is a possibility all the Karasuno Nendoroids might lay out to form a full half-court so your Nendoroids might have rather different portions of the court coming with them as their base!

Posing and Assembly
Posing isn't a problem with this number of parts and this is so even for me, who likes to put them into weird poses! Noya comes with a range of limbs bent at different angles for all sorts of poses you can think of!
Assembly isn't a problem either. He is just like your average Nendoroid and my copy didn't have any joint issues either.

Sculpting and Painting
Painting isn't an issue at all with this Nendoroid and I hope that pictures will be able to illustrate that. His number 4 is cleanly painted and the white stripes are clean and straight as well. The line of red at his shoes is eye-catching too! There's no paint spills at all in my copy.
Sculpting-wise, I'll like to point out something about the hair. In hi hair up version, the hair seam is almost completely invisible and blended in with the rest of his hair. Kudos!
For the hair down version, it's more visible but still a little more blended than most other Nendoroids out there!


Noya-san is definitely a great Nendoroid to have. He is incredibly charming, both as a Nendoroid and in the anime and I know of many who would kill just to have him be a part of their collection!

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