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Catching up - Azumanga Daioh, Kamen Rider Gaim and more...

YES!! SCHOOL’S FINALLY OVER! A much-needed two-month break has arrived. But… There’s always a negative. Haha… I have to use my time to move. Haiz… And here I thought I can marathon a few sets of anime in my break. Anyway, as my school semester has finished I had some time to spend before the dreaded packing days and eventually moving day, so I squeezed in a few anime to watch.

One was Azumanga Daioh, which is a slapstick comedy on high school life where the lead are girls and they each have episodes dedicated to themselves while the rest are just plain in-your-face antics and jokes that happens surrounding the characters everyday life. There is never a dull moment with this anime. Especially when either Osaka or Tomo appears. It’s just plain stupid. Haha! Baka! Baka!

The Three Stooges...

Another anime was Towa no Quon, which I picked up a week before school, ended and only finished it recently. It is an interesting concept on how the gifted are being cornered with what little help they have while the normal just trample over the sacred garden that the gifted toiled their hard work and sweat to grow. It reflects on society in a way where there are people being used or hurt for the benefit of others, a safe place for everyone they say. It sounds noble sacrificing for others but it depends on who usurps the benefits.

Quon's final form...

Other than anime, I have also indulged myself in my Japanese super heroes craving by watching the new Kamen Rider Series. Being a boy at heart, I yearn for such actions and powers and the drivers the all have entices me so. My favourite rider would be Kabuto. 

Walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule over everything...

Using the concepts of the common insects that are found in Japan (I don't know about scorpion though), they created an interesting and exciting series. But not as mind blowing as the new rider series. Kamen Rider Gaim, the rider that utilises the power of fruits. Yup… I actually thought that this was a joke at first. Maybe even a way for them to get kids to eat more fruits or something? It actually amazes me as to how the story unfolds as they use the golden fruit or the fruit of knowledge that can be found in many books and stories as a harbinger of destruction that drives people to despair. The way the Japanese think of such concepts, the amount of research that they put into making a series, the dedication. It brings me to tears… JK. But seriously, it’s just amazing to be able to witness this series of creations that has survive through the ages.

Fruit Basket!

Going back to anime, I watched Persona 4 The Animation recently due to its Golden version that is currently airing. I wasn’t really a Persona series fan, as the first series didn’t really attract me. But because of Golden, I watched it’s original version and quite enjoyed it. From there, I watched the Persona 3 movie where I found similarities in the personas used. And because of watching Persona 4, I bought the game which is for the PS Vita and been playing it since. 

So much fun!

The game is very interesting as I constantly want to fuse personas to create a more powerful one and also useful for the next boss. It also bears some similarity to a visual novel game where I need to be cautious of my actions, as I want to keep increasing my parameters so that the gameplay will be a lot smoother with high intelligence, diligence, expression etc. Anyway, I really like the anime for its songs and also how the protagonist, Narukami Yuu, interacts and builds relationship with the people around him. I really envy him. Maybe I can pick up some tips from what I’ve seen.

Overall, it was a splendid few days of marathon-ing them. Though, Gaim has yet to finish. Oh, I heard that they release a short PV of the new Persona 5. Can’t wait for that. Well then, let the packing commence.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei

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