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My Top 5 Bias Boy Love Couple

Everyday, Japan distributes to limitless divulgence for fujoshi/fudanshi - a title for female and male respectively who are amorous fans of the genre: yaoi or shounen ai. We stay connected to available sources that dish out inside story for sequels or fresh releases. Today is the day, I am indulging on my favourite gay pairings, yet, it is too ridiculous to quote in title "Top 5" due to our long list of "cannon ships". After one's own sweet time of brainstorming, I gather up names scrawled childishly on a notebook. Invisible tears track down my cheeks, from cancelling several names; a crime violated by me, for not yielding to congest the page with every available names tattooed in my cobweb brain. Ensue a heartfelt plea to couples not mentioned in the list and we came to better understanding.

We are a weird group of fandom, but wonderful nonetheless and I'm very proud to be in one. As for myself, a good plot deserves my respect to the creators as well as characters seen in both manga and anime. I'm a versatile reader; my books can range from sweet high school boy x boy romance to dark mature contents.

Society has set up a harsh stigma upon same sex pairings, therefore the budding romance between the characters makes it even more taboo and heart-pounding. We coo over each couples significant moments or use our hands as a stand in for a fan; countenance in beet red as "hot" scenes unfold between pages. Also, we come across certain pairs that create an everlasting impressions in our basic life. Thus, our rooms or office desk are neatly decorated with our bias couples figurines or posters. We use the term OTP (One True Pairing).

1) Couple: Yuri Katsuri x Viktor Nikiforov

Anime: Yuri On Ice

I want to give the directors and creators a standing ovation for bestowing us, Yuri On Ice, a sports anime intertwined with discernible pairings for each roles. The social media became frenzy with constant postings about Yuri x Viktor; the main cast of the famous anime. Their arts so well drawn and very, very appreciative during up-close and personal moments amongst the characters. I am also, a huge fan of "Vikturi" (combination of their names) even my ringtone is set to belt out "History Maker" the opening theme. What I truly cherish being part of Yuri On Ice fandom, we would literally sing verses from the lyrics and soon, many of us blend in the fun to complete one another. The wholesome duo effortlessly changes the rhythm of my heartbeat and allow tears to accumulate before rolling down my puffy cheeks. The noticeable glances adorable Viktor bestow on Yuri is swoon-worthy, as they openly declare their love for one another. There are speculations for Yuri On Ice the movie as well as a season 2, which I am hyped and prepared to look forward to. Because we are born to ship Vikturi. Too cheesy?

2) Couple: Aoba Seragaki x Noiz 

Anime: Dramatical Murder

Dramatical Murder is based off from a BL (Boy Love) visual novel game under Nitro+chiral, a science fiction interlinked with romance; there are multiple partners for our blue headed protagonist to choose from as the story progresses that might lead to either a good or bad ending. As for the anime, a group of handsome men are shown who are Aoba's suitor exceptional of devious kinkiness transpiring in between the players. But let us zoom in on the chaste kiss that got me into the shipping bandwagon of Aoba and Noiz. The two of them are the most compatible in my point of view, as much as I adore Clear and Koujaku yet, Noiz takes the rein being the best suitor for him. Shamelessly, I flaunt my devotion for the couple. Tucked into my wardrobe, my Noiz snow cap with it's smiley badge that represents his gang sign. The fandoms especially, talented indie artists use their God given skills to publish crack humour for each pairings and one of my past-time; cackle whilst staring into my screen. 

3) Couple: Rihito Sajou x Hikaru Kusakabe

Movie: Doukyuusei

Both the manga and movie gave me a series of skin erection (a byplay of the word goose flesh) alongside never-ending gasp from my slacked mouth in so resembling a troll's expression. The author had done a fabulous work as a first time BL writer, the pace was slow and laidback just as a perfect fit with the unique quality in art. Hikaru and Rihito as a couple makes me insane to a point that I'm low-key obsessed.

Make sure to read Sotsugyousei, the storyline extends from Doukyuusei, the optimism in me to encounter cute badges, stickers or posters of the couple, maybe a doujin book published from talented writers. A supposition months ago, for Doukyuusei new series "Blanc"  that of which was set to release on 28th February 2018 *glances at my clock gingerly* well, I for one do not appreciate disappointment in my bleak existence and earnestly sent a prayer for it to be actual fact.

4) Couple: Masamune Takano x Onodera Ritsu

 Anime: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

I'm completely sold out after the first episode, both Takano and Ritsu equate to fire and ice from their personalities. The two of them had memoirs of hidden history since high school days, fast forward the duo as workaholic adults under the same publishing company they are thrust (pun intended) together. A good dose of jealousy for someone me, who have a weird likeness for dramatic outbursts; a little spiciness won't hurt anyone and it makes the plot even better. There several stories from other characters too, which are toe-curling in a good way. Their personalities are match made in BL heaven.

5) Couple: Shima x Isaki

Movie: This Boy Who Caught A Merman

The art drawn beautifully and aesthetically, the characters are truly loveable; I'm so happy to be able to watch Shima and Isaki bond together. Their budding relationship tugged at my heart-strings even to a point of weeping in the darkness due to the strange outcome as to how a mermaid and a human could possibly live a life as a couple yet, the ending gave me a reason to smile. If only the movie was turned into several episodes only because, I need a hearty fill of this pairing. My childhood fantasies of a mermaid thanks to certain red headed princess - it was once again revived. Puzzlement caught onto me, I haven't noted much about it so I safely assumed it's underrated. You have to put This Boy Who Caught A Merman in your bucket list of must watch. I guarantee you won't be dissatisfied.

Now that I have shared my mutual love for the couples above, who are your favourite BL pairings?

Written by, Rugi chan

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  1. Everything in Watashi ga motete dousunda (Kiss him, not me). LOVE IT!