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「Ani-summary」Introduction to Mahou Shoujo Site - Episode 1

Mahou Shoujo Site, otherwise known as Magical Girl Site follows a female protagonist, Asagiri Aya who faces bullying problems in school. The episode starts with an introduction to poor Aya's problematic daily life where she gets endlessly tormented by her three classmates while the teachers and other students turn a blind eye to the situation.

Aya thinks of dying everyday but pushes through still. She always stops moments before actually doing the act as she worries about leaving her only friend behind.

This friend is a stray kitten who she constantly brings food and toys for.
At home, she has what seems to be a normal family--with a caring mother, strict father and a prodigy brother.
However, in reality Aya gets constant physical abuse by her brother as a form of 'stress relief'. There is literally nowhere where Aya can relax and be herself.
After a long day of abuse both in school and at home, Aya was nearly passed out when her PC flickers on and goes to a page called "Magical Girl Site".
Upon pressing "enter", the grotesque image of a girl in braids appear and announces that she has granted Aya magical powers, and her wand will be sent to her soon.
On the next day to school, there was a train accident involving a cat but Aya pays no mind to it as she was still deep in thought about the creepy site from yesterday.

As if on cue, she finds a gun with a heart-shaped barrel in her shoe locker. Unsure of what to do with it, Aya places it into her school bag and goes off to class.
And of course, the bullies strike again! Moreover, this time they roped an upperclassman that's probably rated last in the entire school for looks, into the bullying act... and well, we all know where this is going to go.
Thankfully, Aya ceased being a wimp and actually sincerely attempted to fight her way out of this. She managed to run away from this dark and stinky gym equipment room and get to a safer area, probably to stay until break time is over.

Sadly, as fate would have it, the good people in such anime series tend to lose out and Aya is no exception. She was found by the gross-looking senpai and overpowered easily.
Thank god for stupid characters because one of the bullies actually revealed that the cat at the accident in the morning was the stray cat that Aya was looking after. Her apt description of how the kitten's guts splattered in an instant was enough to harden Aya's resolve.
Out comes the funny looking gun and it takes one second for the two bullies to laugh at how ridiculous it looks before Aya, now equipped with unusual pupils, fires the gun.

The two bullies were transported together with the bullet to a nearby area where they were ran over by a train and killed just like the kitten was.

No one actually witnessed what had transpired withing those few minutes and rumors about it being a lovers-suicide was circulating instead. However, this does not reduce the guilt Aya burdens as she suspects that she had something to do with their deaths.

Attempts to locate the Magical Girl Site does not work (error 404!) and Aya has no choice but to return to her daily life while trying to make sense of the gun and the sudden deaths of her classmate and upperclassman.

But as luck would have it, the two remaining bullies are still unwilling to let Aya go as they firmly believe that Aya has something to do with their friend's death. 

One of the bullies takes this further up a notch by brandishing a penknife and spewing out threats about disfiguring our cute little Aya.
This might have been much more hilarious if it were concerning a stapler, and with Senjougahara and Araragi but it isn't. Fortunately, our other aloof Mahou Shoujo appears on cue and saves Aya by stopping time.
If you are thinking of Akemi Homura due to my mention of stopping time, halt that thought right there because Yatsumura Tsuyuno is nothing like Homura. In fact, she doesn't think twice before killing a fellow classmate.

It's pretty obvious to us viewers that Yatsumura is a fellow Mahou Shoujo, but she takes the step to acknowledge herself as such to Aya and subtly reveals that she was also introduced into this by a Magical Girl Site.
The episode then ends off with Yatsumura mentioning that she'll explain about the Site, and that might be exactly what we will be getting the next episode.

For those of you who plan on sitting through my summary of the first three episodes of this anime with me, or plan to watch it as well, sit tight and let's wait for Episode 2 together!

~ Reina-rin

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