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Pokemon: Hacked Roms

Hello my nuggets!

With holiday season soon approaching, I suspect most of you should be heading overseas for vacation, which means potentially long flight hours. Well, I'm here to bring you guys a source of entertainment for those long hours.

Pokemon hacked roms! If you've already played all the other pokemon series and/or are unable to bring your gadgets overseas, fear not! You can play these roms on your phone! All you need is an emulator, for which I highly recommend using MyBoy (Android).

Now, you might ask what exactly are hacked roms? Are they some sort of virus?? Not to worry, hacked roms are basically modded games; alterations to the base game's graphics, dialogue, gameplay, plot, or etc. These are usually done by amazing people to bring you new content using an old game's engine. 

There are plenty of hacked roms out there, but I'm going to list you a few of my favourite pokemon ones! The ones that I'm about to list down are either completed or not quite yet, but you'll still be able to complete the game regardless. 

One of my favourites is Pokemon Adventure- Red Chapter by Aethestode! This one is based on the Pokemon Adventure/ Special manga, with added extras. Red Chapter is constantly being updated, the last I played it was at Beta 11E, and now it's at 13~ It's ridiculously amazing with a whole bunch of cool features. There are also some little funny dialogue which made me crack up.

I'm going to link the webpage, and add some screenshots in case you're too lazy to head over. 

The next one I've completed is Pokemon Glazed by Redriders 180 (Lucbu). This also has a little twist; other than fighting Team 'Rocket', you also have a Pikachu as a rival of sorts. This is hilarious because the Pikachu is full of rage and and hell-bent on revenge. Plus you get to choose between five starters instead of the usual three. 

Do check out the webpage for more details, I'm pretty sure you guys will like this rom too. 

Pokemon Light Platinum is highly raved about, and I too, recommend playing this first if you're wondering if you should enter the world of hacked roms at all. I should warn though, that there are multiple versions available, such as the Mega, Plus, and Final? I went with the normal Light Platinum and there were no issues for me. I'm not too sure what are the differences between these, but Light Platinum works well. 

don't worry, there's an english version
I think this is the webpage for Light Platinum, the thread is mad long. 

I touched a little on Pokemon Sweet, and this is one mad cute hack. The pokemon are all some sort of variant of a sweet, and the Squirtle I chose as my starter is an apple pie. I'm not too sure about the storyline, but it does get a little tedious remembering the type chart since the type chart is now entirely sweet based. The map is always super cute because everything is now candy!! The trees are icecream cones!!!

Check it out here~

The last one for now is the one I'm currently playing- Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma. I'd say it's a little tougher because I can't seem to somehow breeze through this as I have with the others. This actually requires some grinding. I don't remember spending as much time grinding on the other roms as much as this one. Although, you get a lucky egg quite early in game that increases your exp gained so that is really handy. 

Here is the link!

The others I have downloaded but have yet to touch are Pokemon Eternal Snow and Pokemon Flora Sky. They see pretty promising but there's only so much time I have travelling on public transport or on a flight. If you do play these first, let me know how they are! 

(images credited to respective owners)

I'm off to finish up and perhaps look for more, nerd out for now!

Written by: ninetylives

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