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Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame December 2015

Wall-of-fame December 2015

"Mangaka Spirits" (Manga + Ka = A person who draws manga) captures the spirit of sketching, drawing and all forms of artwork by ordinary people. In this Wall-of-Fame, we feature the artworks of aspiring artists all over the world. Through their works, we hope to find inspiration in the things we do and hopefully unite as to a common purpose.

Mangaka 8 : Alison Chong
Artwork : Original Creation
Age : 15 years, Student
Materials : Paint Tool SAI (Wacom)
Favourite Anime : Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
Hobbies : I just like to draw and learn new things
Country : Singapore

Mangaka 9 : Jose Oliver Sore
Artwork : Levi
Art materials: Colleen art materials
Age : 15 years old, student
School : Mariano Marcos Memorial High School
Country : Philippines
Favorite anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
Hobbies: Fan Arts, Gaming and Cooking

Mangaka 10 : Albert Evan Senit
Age : 17
Artwork : Marshall Lee (Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake)
Drawing materials: Mechanical and Sign Pens
Favourite Anime : One Punch man
Hobbies: Online gaming, Light Novelist
Country : Philippines

Mangaka 11 : Ouiem Chedly
Artwork : OC
Age : 18
Drawing materials: Prismacolor pencils
Course : Literature
Favourite Anime : Attack on Titan, Steins Gate, Corpse Party.  I love Kimi No Todoke because Sawako is perfectly the other me physically and mentally
Hobbies: I am a writer, a painter and a beginner makeup artist. I love to read psychological/philosophical mangas and books
Country : Tunisia

Mangaka 12 : Sei Uke
Artwork : NA
Art materials: For traditional I like to use Copic Multi liner, Staedtler pigment liner and Pigma Micron for inking and for digital I use the Wacom Intuos Pro...
Age : 15 years, student
Favorite anime: Gintama, Osomatsu-San, Psycho Pass, One Punch Man, High School Star Musical, Haikyuu, Daiya no Ace and many more!
Hobbies: I love to watch anime and play the drums. Casual game player. I like collecting anime merchandise too!

Country : Singapore

Mangaka 13 : Ryan Jay Sahagun
Artwork : Attack on Titan
Art materials: Crayola colored pencils
Age : 17 years, student
School : MMSU - College of Arts and Sciences
Course: BS in Computer Science
Favorite anime: Naruto
Hobbies: I like to watch anime and draw anime arts
Instagram: @narutofangasm

Country : Philippines

Mangaka 14 : Isay Guazon Abelardo
Artwork : Mikasa, Attack on Titan
Art materials: Sketch Book app
Age : 16 years, student
School : San Sebastian College-Recoletos Manila
Course: Communication Arts
Favorite anime: Attack On Titan, K-On, AnoHana, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso
Hobbies: I love drawing."Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"
Country : Philippines

Mangaka 15 : Jezreel Adnil Militante Hermo
Artwork : Genos, One Punch Man
Art materials: Marvy Uchida pens, Mars Lumograph pencil series, poster paints
Age : 16 years, student
School : Manuel Enverga University Lucena
Course: BSTM
Favorite anime: Berserk! One punch man, AOT and Assasination Classroom
Hobbies: I enjoy Playing guitar, singing, binge watching anime, drawing, and cooking/baking
Country : Philippines

"Mangaka Spirits" is approved by our mascot Yushiko, an initiative brought to you by Milkcananime. Please submit your artwork via pm to our Facebook. Only approved artwork of reasonable calibre may be featured in our Facebook and Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame.

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