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「Mobage」Haikyuu!! Donpishamatch

Care to be a volleyball club manager? I'm sure you are, come and help bring your favorite team to the Nationals!
Any fan of Haikyuu should have heard of this game, donpisha-match which is a mobile game. While it is not immensely popular globally, it has definitely earned its own group of avid fans locally in Japan.

The game itself is (obviously) in Japanese and contains elements of RNG where you scout for characters and get cards with ranging rarity, where a higher rarity usually means better stats and visual appeal. Really, I think the number of RNG-based games are always on the rise for Japan nowadays. It must really bring in tons of money!

I tried out the game for a little and this is what it's generally like.
You start out in the game as a brand-new character and the NPC to help you out in this game is none other than Karasuno's own manager, Shimizu Kiyoko. She introduces you to the background of the game and soon you are allowed to choose the team you want to take -- Karasuno, Nekoma or Aoba Josai (Seijou). It's slightly weird and unnatural how Kiyoko remains as the NPC even though I chose Aoba Josai (yes, I like Oikawa).
The matches itself are easy to play. You have several levels of "training" matches that takes up a small amount of AP, and the last stage for each chapter is a "practice match". Training usually involves two people, however the last training session before the practice match will have all of them working together.
With training, all you have to do is to tap your screen to stop the ball at the right location as it slides down and back up the bar. If you stop the ball outside the range, you will get a "don't mind" while stopping it in the range would give you a successful play. Of course, if you manage to stop the ball dead in the center, you'll get a "Donpisha!", hence the name of the game. But even if you don't succeed in stopping within range, you still do get the experience points from training. Pretty neat!

In training, you can get the friendship bond between characters up as well, especially if they were practicing together.
Practice match is where things get confusing, and to be honest, I have nearly no idea how to go about doing this, but somehow I just manage to win them. In matches, you have both teams on the court and you basically watch miniature versions of them switching around in the court as successful plays are made. Occasionally, there would be a power struggle between the spiker and the blocker and that's when the card's defense and offense stats come into play. There is also a "fever period" where it's basically a rally and you are not allowed to drop the ball. 
But even though I say this, I didn't do anything special. I merely watched as the team on defense added up and is pounded by the offense statistics. The team that has a higher summation wins the rally. Sometimes, you can have a Quick and that would mean that you would have to return to the minigame of stopping the ball in the lane again.

Basically, this game is pretty easy at the lower levels, and would be addictive and fun to play if you don't get too into it. I haven't played it a long time to review how much more difficult it gets at higher levels but as far as I got to, it was still very manageable.

The only really recognizable downside to the game would be the long, random and numerous loading screens. That really takes a lot away from the gaming experience.

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