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Miwa Haruka X Kei-Chan Stickers

In commemoration of AniManGaki 2019, we drew a pack of "Miwa Haruka & Kei-Chan" stickers. Kei-Chan is a cute furry mascot of AniManGaki and our dear Miwa, a farmgirl who loves animals is so excited to meet him. It seems they get along pretty well!

This beautiful pack of stickers are available free for Whatsapp and Telegram

Google Play

Or go directly here for Miwa Haruka X Kei-Chan stickers.

Apple App Store

iPhone users need an extra step to download the Kotech Online app (free)

Or go directly here for Miwa Haruka X Kei-Chan instructions.


Fans of Telegram fret not, we have also released the cute stickers here.
Click here to get the Telegram stickers

Hope you enjoy the cute Miwa Haruka X Kei-Chan stickers. Let us know which ones are your favorites ^^

Designed by Max Wong and Shiriel

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