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Nanoblock: Sailor Mercury + Sailor Jupiter

Welcome back fellow nerds!

On today's episode of Nanoblocking, I'll be fixing up Sailor Mercury and Jupiter from the dupe series of Sailormoon!

As usual, the process is easier split into three parts: the body, the legs, and then the head. This time round, Mercury was much easier to build than Jupiter. I almost tore my hair out building her hair ugh. Not to mention the instructions were not at all clear and precise.

Anyhow, here goes! Starting off with Sailor Mercury! 

Sailor Mercury only has one pack of blocks, and surprisingly I had a full count of blocks needed for the build! Once again, you'll have to be careful while going through the instructions as the built blocks are grayed out, and can get infuriatingly confusing.

The body was easy to fix up, but the arms man.. the arms.. they kept falling off especially since they're only connected by a very small piece. If you want to display them for long, I'd suggest gluing the pieces down for stability.  

The legs!! The heels look pretty cute, but again, they're not stable, and it took a few tries to get Mercury to balance. I think the heels are too skinny.

The head is adorable!! She does look quite accurate eh? I really like how they did the headband, and the way they detailed the design to fit nicely with her fringe.

Overall she's super cute! That little bow on the outfit is too adorable, not to mention her little ears peeking through her hair. However this time round I felt the blocks were not as seamless as the Miku ones I had built previously, there were quite a couple of spaces where the blocks were unable to align. 

Up next will be Sailor Jupiter! You might think that it'll be just as easy because really, they're just mini legos, right? Wrong! Jupiter's hair instructions were all over the place, and I ended up winging it. 

She has two packs of blocks! Split up for easier differentiation. Her hair, and her outfit. Missing a few pieces from this set, but that's to be expected, considering the cheap price.

Her body! I was actually missing pieces for her bow, so I improvised the build. Looks a little like a mini pink jet pack to me, but still passable I hope..? Her arms were even shakier than Mercury's and it took a lot of willpower to not give her up halfway.

Her heels were just as bad as Mercury's, but what's there to expect? They are the same design after all.

The building of her head was the killer. Her hair was crazy to build, and the instructions were not at all helpful. I ended up just fixing it however I liked, but still following the useless instructions as best as I could.

Look at that intensity! She could not balance and I had to lean her against the back to get a standing shot, if not she would have completely fallen backwards by the weight of her hair. Can you see the shadows underneath her heels? 

Though I have to say they both look gorgeous, and I can't wait to fix up the rest of the series! Hopefully they'll be much better than these two.

Tata for now; nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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