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Relationships? Well, I have a (reverse) harem with Sebastian Michaelis, Miketsukami Soushi-kun, Fuji Shuusuke and more

Ah the joys and pains~ why have just one, when you can have em' all~
I shall drop a warning now, I'm a girl, so this article will be about reverse harems, filled with gorgeous guys, bishounens, shoutas and chibis...mostly... Pictures are not mine, credits to their respective artists.

Flexing my fingers, I'm preparing myself to type furiously about the cute guys I've been dreaming about in my reverse harem. I find that, the thing about watching anime is that with every series, my bias list ends up in ruins and my imaginary harem grows even bigger. Often leaving me in despair over actually finding a significant other in real life. But, let's just leave that thought aside for now while I lose myself in the 2D world, and think about how my harem would (or would not) get long if it were real.

It is only right that my number one likes cats :3
The number one in my harem, and my right hand man, would be Sebastian, from Kuroshitsuji. Mmm...a demon would be purr-fect for keeping the other guys in line, and not to mention he's a butler. What girl wouldn't like to be pampered? Sebastian is also terribly knowledgeable, super charming and seductive, perfect for helping me in running businesses that I get myself into. His dark side is alluring, and I know I'm not the only one under his spell.

Those eyes...~
After discovering Sebastian, I watched Inu x Boku SS. And oh! How I love butlers. Miketsukami Soushi-kun - a nine-tailed fox spirit! 100% yes! His brooding, quiet and utter devotion to his lady, makes me want to pet his head in approval. While every bit as able as Sebastian, his sweet personality is in stark contrast to the dark haired demon. I think it's fair that in a harem, there should be a good mix of dark and light.

Moving along from butlers, we have my sports department. There's Fuji Shuusuke and Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis, as well as Akashi Seijuro and Kise Ryouta from Kuroko no Basket. Personally, I think Fuji and Akashi will get long - ah...both kinda sadistic people. Kise and Ryoma on the other hand, will probably fight everyday, but that's okay, some excitement and rivalry is always good. I can already see myself plotting with Fuji and Akashi some really unpleasant punishments whenever Kise and Ryoma get into trouble. *hehe...evil grin*

He's a merman and you know it~
Also in the sports arena, would be Haruka Nanase from Free! This silent, water obsessed guy would probably exasperate me as I try to explain to him that just cause the bathtub is big, it does not mean that you should stay in it all day or swim in it. I can imagine stopping him from jumping into my fish tank as well...T T

That...intense look...><
Oh, let's not forget the paranormals we need in every good harem. I'll have Kuran Kaname and Kiryuu Zero from Vampire Knight as my vampires and Kiba from Wolf's Rain as my alpha were. These three will probably kill each other within a day though, so I guess I'll have to get them separate rooms. Will have to speak to the blood bank for a supply of blood too...since feeding two a bit too much...~

The perfect alien..hur~!
Do you remember him?
Next comes the over achievers sections, which consists of Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Takashima Kei from Special A (does anyone still remember this series?). I think they'll probably be my teachers in my realm, though I might end up being more distracted by their looks and thus probably fail every subject. Somehow I don't see Kei getting along with Usui either...maybe I'll just pick one? ... Nah. I'll still have em' both please.

Some Ave Maria anyone?

A singing prince ><"
What harem would be complete without music, so I call in my musicians! Tsukimori Len from La Corda D'oro and Ichinose Tokiya from UtaPuri. Their personalities are similar I realise, and both so so talented, I'm sure they will appreciate each other's company despite coming from different genres of music. Classical and Jpop! I think it will be a great mix to have. The soothing strains of the violin, and the mellow voice of Tokiya. Best combo~!

Ciel~ Height: 158cm

Levi~ Height: 160cm
Wrapping up my harem would have to be my shoutas and chibis, both of them are shorter than me, just so I can tease them whenever I'm bored and they can keep me amused. Cue the entrance of Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji and Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin. These two shorties will be more than enough entertain me~ Despite their size both have strong personalities, I can imagine Ciel still irritating Sebastian and Levi...well...there are no creepy giant people trying to eat him up in my Um...maybe he can dabble in politics? I haven't figured him out yet honestly, since he's a new edition to the group^^"

Phew...all done I think...gosh it's going to be hard work keeping everyone of them entertained so they don't destroy my...(gigantic imaginary) house.

Oh one last touch for my harem, it needs an angel, so I'm going to steal Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats to co-rule my harem with me. She'd be fantastic help and a girl's got to have a best friend.

There! All done with my harem fantasy. It's probably going to change with the next anime I watch though... Women are such fickle creatures~

So, what's your anime harem?

Written by Neko

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