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A Letter To Kaori

Dear Kaori-san,

Ogenki desuka? You probably wouldn't remember me, but that's perfectly fine. I don't quite exist in your world, yet for some unknown reason I've had an opportunity or two to be in your silent company. I was first drawn to your beautiful voice; you did a wonderful job with Kanade - that's the song you sang, remember? I had to constantly control myself from blurting out how I felt; after all I don't belong to your world. Anyway, your smile could really melt a million hearts. I'm not surprised that Hase-kun has remained so smitten with you. He must had been born with unwavering determination - your friendship means so much to him, but I understand that it's also tough for you to constantly deal with such a painful condition. You're doing a great job, seriously.

Not wanting to sound like a spirit, but I'd been in awe of your colourful bento each time; I finally realised why a lot of students would go 'wow' over one another's lunches. What sort of rice was that? It's so pink and fluffy! I could probably relate more to Hase-kun's choice for lunch. Anyway, in my world it isn't a custom to pack our own lunches. I wish I had a rooftop for a quiet retreat; I think that it's absolutely therapeutic to be in such peaceful surroundings. Of course, Hase-kun might come across as a little noisy at first, but that's because he was trying his best to convey his feelings to you. Don't you think that he looks cute when he's blushing?  

Hase-kun would probably spew huge balls of fire if I were to tell you that Shogo-kun would actually make a cute couple with you. Shogo-kun's done a lot for you as well, hasn't he? The unconditional efforts are what make a true, lasting friendship, regardless of the stuff that lies ahead in your way. Honestly, I'm feeling envious. In my heart, I know that I've got friends who will last me for life, but at the same time I also find it difficult to make new friends. Sometimes, I do feel somewhat lost in the midst of so many people. The wish to have a sense of belonging somewhere wanders like a single leaf that's being carried by the wind.

When I eventually heard about what really happened behind your painful condition, I had wished it to be nothing but just a horrible nightmare. Why would anyone do such a cruel thing? You had done those people no wrong. Jealousy is like a lethal weapon. Even though you had to realise the truth the hard way, knowing it did free you from all that pain as well, didn't it? Hase-kun had been your pillar of support throughout. 

On a happier note, it was so much fun watching you and Hase-kun bonding over your little dates. When you appeared from the escalator, I could understand why Hase-kun was feeling the jitters. Oh, and you looked really pretty in that dress. Although crepes are delicious, it's actually a lot more fun to sing karaoke! You guys had selected Kanade; was that merely a coincidence? Anyway, it was a little heart-tugging listening to the conversation both of you had on the way home in the train. Your farewell smile had seemed uncertain, but that's okay. After all, you were trying your best to contain everything, even if it meant returning to nought the following day.

That said, you probably still wouldn't remember me. But that's perfectly fine. You've already done a great job reading this letter. Thank you for everything. I shall treasure Kanade with all my heart. That's my souvenir from your world. Stay strong and happy. Always.  

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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