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Gacha Gacha Gamemu

Gacha Gacha Gamemu brings to you my collection of Gachapons in the Game categories. They are kawaii little toys found inside the Capsule Stations along shopping malls, walkways and toy events. Getting one of your favourite Gacha character is almost 100% based on luck. Are you game for it?

Super Mario Galaxy - Yujin

 Mario Princess Peach with mini Epoch Arcade machine.

King Koopa or Bowser. He is physically powerful, nearly indestructible and can breathe fire.

 This Star from Mario has a switch which enables it to light up.

 One of the characters in Tamotgochi.

I bought this one from a local toyshop but it wasn't from a gacha machine but in an illustrative Zelda box. The shell is quite large and is one of the more expensive gacha, $8.90.

Zelda Goodies Stamp here
The retrolicious Space Invader Gacha from Yujin.
Remember this childhood game?

You remember Maple Story, don't you? Yeti, Pepe, Mushroom and some other characters.

More Mario gashapons.

Written by Max

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