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Can I date my ship?


Yo, minna. Genki desuka?

Hi, everyone. Zwei here. Welcome aboard. Join me as I cruise you guys through a game that has been popular from last year and still is now. Disclaimer: Images I used are sourced from google, while the video from youtube.

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Kantai Collection or Kancolle is a free to play online card game. It was developed by Kadokawa Games and launched on April 23, 2013. It has an anime aired already, which is based on the manga and an upcoming PS Vita game scheduled to be released this year. They also announced that an anime adaptation of the game is currently being worked on. A bit more on the game characters. They are basically moe-fied World War II ships, which are shown as cute girls and bishoujos. They are known as fleet girls or in Japanese, Kanmusu (abbreviation of Kantai musume). The ways they are presented are based on the characteristics of the ship that they are portraying. So for example, if they have a large displacement tonnage, they will be portrayed as well endowed ;) wink, wink~. But having large breast isn’t all that good. It means that they have fewer space for aircraft, which sucks if they get attacked from the air, as they can’t really counter-attack.

The synopsis of the game is that you are the admiral and you need to assemble a fleet of ships to fight against alien enemy warships. Sounds easy enough? It actually is not.

The WO class looks so badass...

First, you have to be able to understand Japanese to actually play the game. Or you could check the wiki page to understand what button is what. There are some english words in the game but you would want to understand what your Kanmusu is saying.

Once you registered, you will have to enter your name (duh…) and choose a starter between the five available. Fubuki, Inazuma, Murakumo, Samidare and Sazanami. These five have similar stats, so most people pick one through their voice actress or how they look like. Once you choose, you are on your way. Your aim is to advance through maps, grind your opponents and get new Kanmusus. You are also able to customize and modernize your Kanmusus and if they get injured or damaged, repair them. Oh, and when they get damage, their clothes will get tattered and battered. You also need to remember to resupply their fuel, ammunitions, steel and bauxite once in while.


There are various types of ships. Battleships have strong power and defense but consume a lot of resources. Aircraft carriers are able to launch an attack from the air before the duel starts but are expensive to maintain. Heavy cruisers could be said to be a “Jack of all trades” as they don’t excel greatly in any particular category. Destroyers are good for night battles and are anti-submarines but they have low armor and firepower. Submarines have low health but they could only be attacked by certain ship types and uses small amount of resources. There are much more different types of ships and they are planning on adding a new type called coastal defence ships in the future.

There are three game modes. Sortie, practice and expedition. Sortie is the main game mode where you send your fleet fight against the enemies and find new Kanmusus to add to your collection. Practice is basically you pitting you Kanmusus against other players. If your ships are damaged, they won't need to be repaired but the rewards are reduced. Expedition, on the other hand, is where you send your fleet to gather materials. They won't enter a battle or get injured but, the rewards gain in an expedition may not be in abundance or less than how much resources you spent as expeditions take a long time to complete. The latter two will only be playable after you complete certain quests in sortie, the main mode.

What really make me want to play this game are how good the Kanmusus look and the voices behind them. I especially like how Kongou and Yamato look like and Shimakaze’s cuteness really attracts me. Kaga’s seriousness and Tenryuu also. Oh, and Atago’s voice… Umm… Yeah… I am a fan of Kancolle but I haven’t played it yet. Embarrassing isn’t it?


Just a fun fact. You know Saki Fujita? Her voice was sampled for Hatsune Miku’s. Anyway, she also does the voice for seven of the ships in the Kantai Collection.

And there was also this thing with the players marrying their favourite Kanmusus. Yeah… What a joke right? Haha… haha… ha… (I want one as my waifu too…)

I want Yamato as mai waifu~

Oh, time for me to depart. Tell me your favorite Kanmusu in the comments. Anyway, off to the next voyage.

Oh, and this. Why? Just because

Credits to the owner for this... This is so awesome...

Written by Zwei

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