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Ten-Ichi Udon

It is the long weekend for most if not all of us here! I hope the week has been good to you so far, for those who have had a very long week I wish you well. The weather continues to be awful, so please take great care! I suffered quite a bit as I didn't really sleep well for the past few nights. As much as I would love to look at the sky and shout what a lovely day it is going to be, I just couldn't. Anyway, there is always a solution or some out there, subjective to every individual's way of life. Mine has found a new companion, kind of. It is Japanese food, so you have been warned. Go grab a bib or something. Stimulate your taste buds, people! It is Ten-Ichi Udon!

Of course, it isn't simply udon that this awesome diner serves. I had Curry Rice on my first visit and wow, honestly I could eat that every single day! Even though Curry Rice is a pretty down-to-earth dish, the richness and deep, penetrative layers of different flavours tickled my taste buds so much that I told myself that I would return. I'm in constant awe of Japanese curry, because it belongs to a completely different dimension of gastronomy. Before this, I would buy a single serving of those microwaveable, ready-to-eat Japanese curry that contains just potatoes and carrots. While nothing beats having the real deal at the diner, once in a blue moon the sudden craving simply reaches out of nowhere.

Like Tamoya Udon, Ten-Ichi Udon also has a fancy array of sides that would bring about a catastrophic salivation which is quite difficult to stop unless one grabs the tongs and starts piling the serving plate with more delicious stuff. My first Curry Rice lunch was accompanied by the fried mini crab legs in a cup. Absolutely crunchy and flavourful! There must be something about those fried lovelies that would just work up my appetite. I didn't go for any dipping sauces, but I should have taken some.

The second visit to Ten-Ichi Udon happened barely a week later. Hmm, I suppose that food like these can indeed drive many people to unexplanable addiction. This time, I ordered Yuzu Wasabi Udon which is served cold. Wow, wow and wow. It reminds me of those cold noodle salads with innovative dressings. I'm sure that a lot of us know that choking sensation which wasabi is capable of delivering. I did slurp my udon a little too fast at one point, and a strong, sharp whiff went up my nose! But I have to say that the heavenly combination of flavours in this udon actually made me consider a second bowl. The striking contrast tickled my taste buds mercilessly as I was tucking in the udon.

The side dishes I chose were Crab Meat Tempura and Inari. I just love the sweet and savoury blend of flavours packed in the inari. Yeah, while I suppose that it is pretty much the same when the basics are concerned, I have to say that the inari at Ten-Ichi Udon is really different. For starters, it isn't only sushi rice but also some other kind of rice which unfortunately I'm unable to identify. The sweet beancurd skin is just heavenly! The tempura is also just as wonderful. Oh, you see that dipping sauce up there? That is Chilli Mayonnaise!

My third and most recent visit happened yesterday. I wanted to savour the Curry Rice so badly! The side dishes remained the same as the second. This time, I added more crunch to my rice. Yeah, tempura flakes! Yum! Ten-Ichi Udon is located in the heart of NEX Shopping Mall at Serangoon. The diner is part of a stretch resembling a Japanese food village! How had I let this pass me by for so long? Highly recommended!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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