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Brothers Ramen

The parched soul was longing for a drop of vitality. The bad weather despite the joyous festivities had lingered like a ghost hot on its victims' tails. I struggled to brave the odds until the train came along, but the carriage smelled of garlic, ineffective deodorants and anything in between. I couldn't get off because I had barely started on my journey. My best friend had arranged for lunch at the heart of where many white collars are. I knew the place though not well-versed with its cluster of shops and such. It had been ages since I last stepped foot into that building. The best friend and I finally met at the train station, and headed towards one of the many different exits. The gastric juices were threatening to sound the siren. Just a little while longer, I promised.

Our lunch for the day was at Brothers Ramen, located in International Plaza on the first floor. I had heard a little history about the restaurant from the best friend. Naturally, I was looking forward to a wonderful meal. Brothers Ramen handles its customers' orders via two self-service kiosks; there is a cutely illustrated step-by-step guide pasted on the wall for easy reference. I ordered the Brothers Ramen set; each set comes with a drink and an extra topping for the noodles. While waiting, I had clapped my eyes on this equally kawaii manga detailing the process of making ramen. Pardon the lighting though. My favourite bit has to be the escaping chicken. It must had been too exhausted from all that egg-laying!

Our table happened to be missing spoons but at least there were chilli flakes. It wasn't long before our noodles arrived; at last those gastric juices were subdued. Gosh, the palate could just melt blissfully inside the flavourful broth! The ramen had fully absorbed its richness, apart from being chewy and slurpable. The meat slices were tender; the vegetables made me partake with conviction and gratitude. And the egg...oh gosh, I would like to thank the chicken that was in charge of laying quality eggs including this one. Just look at the yolk! If this were some episode from food porn, my character would probably have a little bit of that yolk dripping from his mouth. 

Yeah, I loved the noodles till the very last drop. Nothing had been wasted here! I took some time to observe the restaurant. By then, the busy lunch crowd had long dispersed. The brothers have a room where fresh noodles are churned out. A little quote leans proudly against the glass panel: Big things often have small beginnings. There is also another manga detailing the brothers' journey; the diner used to be called Homebaked Dough. Well, I would think that they sold cookies instead!

The design of the restaurant will instantaneously click with people who love Japanese cuisine. I should try sitting at the counter next time! There is also a gigantic bowl of ramen, complete with chopsticks and such, sitting near the entrance. According to the brothers, that thing actually moves! The chopsticks, I mean. Through elaborate details like this, it isn't difficult to sense that the brothers really love what they do. I'm so glad that the best friend had brought me there for lunch. I will definitely drop by again to try the rest of the signature dishes, and to see my favourite little chicken. 

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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