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Chihayafuru Season 3

I have been hooked for the past weeks for any announcements when Chihayafuru Season 3 will ever be started.  I am so anxious that I need to write it somewhere because I am so annoyed how they suddenly cut off all your feels just when you're starting to catch up.

For those of you who haven't checked out Chihayafuru yet, it is a shoujo anime that evolves around three friends Arata, Ayase and Taichi and how they are bonded by the competitive Hyakunin Isshu karuta.

It starts out with Taichi bullying the newcomer Arata on how he is being too weird, how he wears the same clothes everyday to school and his weird Fujiyama accent and how Ayase still defends Arata.  Jealous that Ayase was siding an unknown person, he got mad at Ayase and decided to exclude her from everybody in class.  This coldness Ayase gets from everyone made her bond with Arata even stronger.  One day, as they were drenched in the rain, they went to where Arata lives and it's where Ayase started to fall in love with competitive Hyakunin Isshu karuta and *girly shriek* Arata.

Second part continues telling how Taichi became involved, at this stage I was brought into thinking that Taichi has hidden feelings for Ayase, just that he didn't admit it.  Since other that Arata, Taichi also memorized the 100 poems, they were enlisted to be contestants in a school karuta competition.  Everyone was surprised how Arata was so into karuta that even Taichi before playing the finals had to steal Arata's spectacles.  Losing, Ayase, pushy as she was substituted Arata during the match and defeated Taichi.  Taichi in the end revealed to Arata that he stole his spectacles.

The competition, in my opinion became the base of everything that happens in the future.  They played karuta almost everyday.  The usual thing that makes stories with childhood foundations, they like the same thing and maybe built their little world around that whatever they most love.

As most childhood things are, somehow, someday they have to part for them to have that grand event... it also applies in this case..  and the adventure begins.

In the latter part of the story, Ayase reunites with Taichi in high school as he decided to transfer back to their neighborhood school while Taichi still remains the person in occasional letters sent, although he hasn't been sending them for the last few months.

So the story continues, I don't really want to tell the whole story so if you want to get the feels also.. uhm...

Here comes the rant part:

The manga is still ongoing, but the scene in the anime is so hanging I think I will be sick waiting for the third season to start. I did some research on any sweet undercover secrets on when the next season will be released or if ever there will even be a third season... but no luck.  Like me most of them are asking for redemption from the creators. 

Okay okay, I might be exagerating but there's this thing about an OVA, gaahhh. I don't know better not expect.  I think I think , this link will keep me expecting.

One of  the best things in this anime is it reflects how people are motivated by people surrounding them, if you do not get what I mean, here are few of the things that made me fall in love with the anime:

  • The love story is realistic, very controlled but otherwise it just tells how young people are these days. I know, not generally but.. most of the youngsters today try their very best in balancing their passion and love or even doing their best in their passion not only for themselves but also to get the love they've always wanted.
  • This teaches us that we are never comparable to anybody in this world.  Although determination makes the mark in comparison, discovering what we truly like because we like it makes a difference in our lives more.  Ayase's sister was a model, she should have been a model herself also, but she dreamed differently and built her self with the dream she has other than dreaming what other people think she should be dreaming of.
  • Talent is still dependent on hard work.  Sure some people have super luck, but statistically how many are they?  Chihayafuru teaches us that we must work hard, it might take us years, but not giving up and trying your best is one of the things we know of but usually give up on.

Note to the anime kamikaze: Please do not starve me for too long. Thanks.

 Written by SM

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