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Bento Making

How do you attract a senpai? The answer's simple. Make a bento filled with love and he/she will be putty in your hands real quick. 

Of course, you don't have to make a bento for a senpai, you can make it for your friends and for yourself, like I did. 

Tadah! Does it look delicious? I took roughly an hour and a half to make the entire thing. I actually finished in an hour, but I decided to cut the carrots up into patterns, hence the extra half an hour. 

What's in my bento? Well, I had broccoli, hot dogs, egg rolls, carrots, gyoza, and of course, rice. I wanted to cook some mushrooms too, but I didn't realize I don't have any. Sigh. Always remember to check the contents of your fridge the day before, so that you have all the ingredients you need!

So I started off with putting the rice to cook, since that will take up some waiting time. Then I washed the hot dogs and prepared them to be cut up into octopuses. I made a cross cut along the flat end of the hot dogs after splitting them up, so that when they're cooked, the cross cut with bend outwards to resemble tentacles. 

I threw them into my toaster, and then I moved on to cooking my egg rolls! A little oil on the pan and the eggs are good to go! I almost destroyed the wholeness of the omelette when I tried to flip it over. Thank kami-sama it didn't tear that badly. After the omelette is done, I gently placed it on a plate and rolled it up. Then I cut them to bite sizes. 

By then, my octopus hot dogs are done too, so into the bento boxes they go! Next comes the broccolli boiling. That step's pretty straightforward, so I'll move on. Carrot time! I cut the carrot up into circle slices, while deciding what designs I should then further cut them up into. I used a few slices to make little stars and hearts, and then I decided to cut the word 'senpai'. 

Ahh, that took ages! I had to work carefully with the knife to make sure that the letters turned out proper and not mutilated. After that I had some leftover carrot slices, so I tried cutting the word 'kawaii' next. Success! It took awhile to cut the 'wa' character, but I suppose it was worth it. 

i'm pretty sure the grammar is wrong

I didn't cook the carrots since they can be eaten raw, and also I didn't want my carrots to shrivel up into unrecognizable characters. At this time my rice was done, so I threw some gyoza into the toaster to cook, and then I worked on the rice flavoring. 

I had bought rice flavoring from Daiso, so I moved my rice into another pot for easier mixing. Since I had two flavors, I roughly split the rice into two and mixed different flavors into each one. This step didn't take me long, so while the gyoza was still cooking, I packed the rice into the bento boxes. 

By the time I was done, so were the gyoza, so into the boxes they go too!

I used the carrots as a sort of garnish to place on top of the rice, making it look just a tad cuter. 

Do you see these two cute little onigiri containers? I was shopping at Daiso and came across them, and just look at the design! I simply had to get them. Why? Because there was a police car on the blue one, and a firetruck on the red, and they were like Aomine and Kagami. Too adorable. 

i am a bento hoarder

So that's that for my bento post! You can use any sort of ingredients to make your own, really, there is no specific must that you have to put into your bento. Well, the rice is a must, I guess. So go forth and make your own bento!

Written by: ninetylives

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