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Tabi Machi Late Show: Recipe

Awaiting my journey. How very apt indeed. There comes a time when an appreciation for a slower pace in life is favoured upon. Take a look at the surroundings, pressured by what the society has become in order to progress and sustain. Life isn't an utopia, but at least there must be something which could elicit those sentiments that have been lost over time. Many people seem to have already forgotten the little joys in their lives. It is essential to trace back those moments before we become lost completely. Simplicity is actually what the weary soul yearns for. Something that is really down to the basics, like eating. This is what I have found: Tabi Machi Late Show. Episode 1: Recipe.

Here is a little advice though: Do look past its simple animation style and allow your soul to fully immerse into the short narrative. Yeah, this is a short clip that they have come up with. The usual complaint aside, the brevity surprisingly complements the story. I suppose that everything about the episode just exudes the same aura. The instrumental soundtrack is pleasant on the ears, as it unveils the short and sweet story which begins with a simple (yet again) demonstration of cooking pomodoro pasta. If anyone likes their pasta really down to the basics, do consider replicating the pomodoro in the anime. I prefer my pasta cream-based though.  

It is difficult to describe the whole episode without spoiling, but I will say that the true essence of Recipe isn't so much on the cooking and such, quite ironically. The sentiments between the man and woman were first founded on the foundations of admiration, respect and support. The pomodoro was merely a catalyst for personal growth. The man had wanted to cook the pasta as a sign of gratitude towards the woman who had taken him in some years ago. However, he became quite worried about how his version would turn out. The woman gave an assuring tone that everything was fine. Along those lines, the true essence was gradually revealed. The man would be embarking on a new chapter in his life. The pomodoro that they had eaten symbolised farewell albeit temporary.  

The woman also had her own little story which the man assumingly didn't realise. The reason behind this pomodoro finally surfaced with a bittersweet note. The conclusion however implied a path that would be filled with even better things in life. The little extra twist had taken me by surprise. I enjoyed this story tremendously. Yeah, it was painfully short, yet the flow of the narrative had managed to convinced me that such brevity was necessary. The true essence had reminded me about embracing simplicity and those moments which I have a long affection for. I recommend Recipe to readers who wouldn't mind a moment like this.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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