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Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Kuroko no Basuke Aomine Daiki

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since my last unboxing post! Although I receive my figurines very promptly (I preorder them), it always takes a while before I get around to writing the post ^^;; I'll try to be more prompt from now on! Today it'll be Aomine's figurine~ I'm sure most of you are not strangers to the series of figurines he comes from as I've previously written two unboxing posts on Kuroko and Kagami!

Before we continue, here's some information about the figurine:
Character: Aomine Daiki
Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Sculptor: Piron
Scale: 1/8
Release date: 31 October 2014

Aomine is my second favourite character from Kuroko no Basuke! Going a little off tangent here, I was never particularly interested in him until he lost to Kagami. After that, I relished all their interactions! (Yes, I became a full-fledged KagaAo shipper.) Plus, Aomine's really handsome~ The colours on his box matches his hair and jersey! Of course, his image is printed in every side as well. His box is noticeably smaller due to his pose!



I hadn't fully unboxed him yet and I could already tell he will be one of my favourite figurines! I love his expression and the way his hair looks like it's fluttering in the wind.

He doesn't even have parts; just him and the base.

Compared to Kagami, due to his direct attachment to the base, he barely wobbles! He's very stable despite only being balanced on one leg. The base design is exactly the same as the previous two figures and I daresay they'll look the same for the future ones in the series!

Here's Aomine in all his glory! I was right about how it's going to be one of my favourites because it's amazing! I really marvel at the craftsmanship because despite his grooves on his forehead caused by his constant frown, the sculptor did an excellent job of making sure it's not too exaggerated. In fact, it looks pretty natural. Plus, a job well done that he even sculpted Aomine enjoying himself!

Aomine's not buff like Chris Hemsworth, but he's a lean and mean basketball machine and I appreciate the mostly realistic muscles! I say mostly realistic because remember, he's supposed to be only 16 and muscles like this definitely aren't found on 16 year olds, even if Aomine is far from average. The taut neck muscles are great!

Aomine's fingers look a little stubby (a common issue with male figurines, I think), but the basketball is well-detailed! Oh and I don't really like the colour of his nails...


Even the stretching of his jersey looks great. It's well-painted with no run-off! These pictures show the graduation of his hair from navy blue to black! I really like it when this is done to figurines because when done properly, it looks just that bit more premium!

Usually I'd show off the shoes, but I don't really like Aomine's. Because it's all black, more details should have been done so that the level of detail matches the rest of the figurines but it's boring. Anyway, to end the post off, here's the 360 degree view!

Overall, I love this figurine! I may nitpick about the tiny details, but there're not noticeable and Aomine still looks excellent displayed. Most importantly, I'm just glad to add him to my collection!

Written by Nana

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