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Excitement gearing towards BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise

Monday, June 14, 2021 / No Comments

Hey everyone, it's me again~ 

Has anyone caught the new Roselia movie that was just released last Saturday? 

It was a fan screening, which also meant a rather lavishly priced movie ticket at Golden Village that amounted to $47. Of course, it also came with a great deal of merchandise: an illustration card of one of the Roselia members, a beautiful A3 poster, a can badge of one of the members, as well as a mystery gift from Hakken, the physical anime merchandise store that was just around the corner by the movie theatre. 

Here's one of the movie trailers if you are interested:

This movie is actually the first part of the Roselia movies, and a second one will be out pretty soon.

For a huge BanG Dream! fan whose favourite band is Roselia, you would expect me to snatch up this movie ticket and enjoy the movie. Unfortunately, I could only gaze from the sidelines :( However, that is okay as I can still wait for the online release in future. Besides, seeing so much Roselia promotion on the highest floor of Plaza Singapura already made me so happy. I mean...

A huge movie banner that spread across the wall? A dream! I had to pose with it (although I was a bit shy)

To add it on, I was standing right in front of Shirokane Rinko, my favourite member from Roselia~

Besides that, I also visited Hakken, the anime store I mentioned above. Entering Hakken felt like I was entering the mini version of one of those anime stores in Akihabara (Ahh... I miss travelling) because of the music that was playing, as well as the energetic display of items around the store. I even got another small Roselia treat from the brochure they gave out!

I guess even though I didn't get the chance to watch the fan screening, little things like seeing Roselia on a big display or even a small brochure was enough to make me happy. 

Another movie poster I saw outside the theatre

To be fair, although I did miss the fan screening, there will also be a regular screening this Saturday, and it will be screening for $15. There won't be any merchandise given this time, so it definitely feels like a more pricey amount for a regular screening. However, I'm sure that big fans of Roselia will still appreciate the movie regardless. 

On another note, I wish that I can see the seiyuus of Roselia (who also play their instruments in real live!) perform in Singapore. Unfortunately, only time will tell in this pandemic. Nevertheless, let's look on the bright side :)

Well, if you have seen the fan screening last weekend, feel free to share your thoughts and let us bond together as Roselia fans! 

To close it off, here's one of the songs that was featured in the movie!

And... I also wanted to share a recent live performances performed by their seiyuus! The song truly is a... Blessing to my ears. 

Have a good week everyone! 

Written by kimizomi

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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in Anime

Friday, May 21, 2021 / No Comments

Hi guys, it's been a while, I hope all of you are keeping well! 

Preparing for university graduation has kept me extra busy, but it also made me super nostalgic as I recollected all the fun times spent in school~ At the same time, it made me reminisce on all the anime that tided me through school. Yet, when I think of what I have watched, I always come back to those strong, poignant moments felt in the anime, and I would love to share these with you guys too. So, prepare your tissues... 

Remember, these moments I've picked are subjective to what I've felt, but I'm always open for discussion if you'd like to share your own heartbreaking moment in anime too! 

TW: spoilers, if you haven't seen the anime yet. If you see the title of the anime on a certain number and don't intend to be spoiled, quickly brush through it! 

5. That one mass crying scene at the train station in "Love Live School Idol Project: Season 2 Ep 11" 

You wouldn't expect an idol anime to give me that much feels, would you? There may be a lot of laughter and heartwarming friendship moments in a school idol anime, but there is also the idea of high school. Graduation, and stepping down from respective co-curricular activities...

Just like most high school anime, Love Live School Idol Project gets the same treatment of having their lovely seniors graduate from high school soon. It's especially hard because the third years in μ's are one of the most compelling characters in the series. We have Nozomi (totally not bias because she's my favourite), the 'mother' and spiritual member of the group. Then, there's the beautiful student council president Eli, and of course, the fan-favourite Nico. How could we let go such unforgettable members? And of course, that is what the rest of μ's are melancholic about. 

As they stand on the beach, gazing out into the sunset... Honoka, the leader of the band reveals that they will disband after their final live at Love Live. To hear such news against such a beautiful scenery is something that tugs at the heartstrings. 

However... It is only at the train station in the following scene where the moment really hits. As Hanayo starts to sob, so does the rest of the members. As they do, the soundtrack 悲しみの夜 (Kanashimi no Yoru) that is accompanied with the scene is relentless, letting even me sob along with them. I played a snippet on the piano years ago, and I thought I could share it here as well~

It's amazing how much the bond of the girls can let me feel that way, and even till today, my heart aches each time I watch this scene. 

4. Grave of the Fireflies 

Okay, I won't describe what exactly is the sad moment here in the title, even though I'm sure most of you already know as Grave of the Fireflies is quite an old Studio Ghibli movie. So, if you don't want to know what it is, scroll away! 

Alright, back to it. 


Setsuko's death is one of the saddest deaths I've seen in an anime. It's tragic because the setting of the film invites us to a war environment, and seeing Setsuko, a young girl in the midst of it all is unsettling. Setsuko and her older brother Seita's mother did not survive an air raid, and this alone is something that might leave a young child confused and afraid. Yet, Setusko is such a precious girl, as she goes through the aftermath of each day with Seita. Her love for fireflies is something that is so pure, and heartwarming. One thing she enjoys as well is her candy drops, one thing that I've come to love as well. 

What's interesting is the fact that this candy tin belonged to the popular Sakuma candy drops in Japan, which I believe can still be found at Daiso today, if I'm not wrong. There is even a print of Setsuko on it. 

candy drops

Alright, going back to the main point. With such a tumultuous journey that Setsuko and her brother share, all we want to do is to root for the siblings to survive this tragedy. However, Setsuko slowly becomes more frail as the movie progresses, as food source is scarce. Eventually, this leads to a case of malnutrition, leading to her death. What makes the scene sadder is the fact that Seita has actually returned with a large quantity of food. Watching this as a young child back then, I already felt the overwhelming sadness.

Nevertheless, Grave of the Fireflies is definitely a must-watch. It's heartbreaking, but the warming journey between the siblings is something to look out for, and the movie definitely adds in elements of fireflies in order to give metaphorical value to the tragic setting in the film. And also, candy drops.

3. Anohana - "Menma, we found you" 

Ah, Anohana... The first anime series I have ever watched. (I know right, what a way to start my first TV anime experience...) The one thing that can be sadder than death is getting over a death. The idea of wandering spirits unable to move on is something that sets up an emotional experience when they finally find a way to move on into the afterlife. Even in real life, thinking about things like these have always fascinated me. 

When the anime starts, we know right away that Menma is ghost. She has unfortunately passed on at a very early age because of an accident, and her friends have been suffering with the guilt of not being there for her. This carries on even when they enter high school. Yet, Menma remains cheerful, and constantly sticks by Jinta, who is able to see her as a ghost. The more slice-of-life feel in the early episodes give us a very light-hearted emotion as we watch Anohana. In fact, Menma doesn't even know to move on into the afterlife. However, when the rest of the gang realises that they can see Menma, emotions start to stir up among the group of friends. The group then go through means to help Menma move on again, though it doesn't come easy. 

That's where the hard part comes: that moving on is actually just as simple as getting the Super Peace Busters together again. Something so selfless is one thing that tugs at my heartstrings, and as they gather for the last time to witness Menma's last moments as a ghost, they start to read letters that Menma has written for each of them. One of it being "I love you, Jintan. It's the "I want to marry you" type of I love you". Something about the way it was written left me in tears as well, and I'm not even big on romance in this anime! 

As the group chants "Menma, we found you", Menma smiles, in tears as she whispers "you found me". 

Although it should be an uplifting moment for Menma's reincarnation, there's this empty feeling as the rest of her friends watch Menma disappear. The fun moments shared throughout the 12 episodes start to fade away, but I'm sure it's something they all (and I) can remember. 

On a brighter note, this year is Anohana's 10th year anniversary! There was a recently released poster of the Super Peace Busters all grown up, and seeing that made me so happy. 

2. Unread emails from Antarctica - Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further than Universe) 

Unread emails? How sad could it be that it could land up in my second place for heartbreaking moments in an anime? Well, if you have seen Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, then you'll understand the tears I have shed during this scene. 

The premise of Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho is something that seems like an easy slice-of-life watch. It's simply 4 girls going on an ambitious adventure to Antarctica together. Yet, the only reason why such a far-fetched country would even come into place is because of our lovely Shirase Kobuchizawa. When the anime begins, Shirase's mother is nowhere to be seen, and what Shirase knows is that her mother is still somewhere in Antarctica. She has been constantly sending emails to her mother, to which she hasn't gotten a response from. However, she is still determined that her mother is out there somewhere and even goes through many means just to be able to fund her expedition to Antarctica. She manages to accomplish this, and with it she makes friends with 3 other girls: Mari, Hinata and Yuzuki. While friendship and exploring new adventures each day as they embark on their trip to Antarctica is something that drives the majority of the film, the underlying context of Shirase's missing mother is something that continues to brew over time. As an audience, we'd probably know: that Shirase's mother is probably dead, and Shirase is just lingering on false hope. 

As such, the realisation that Shirase's mother is dead arises towards the ending of the series, when Shirase finds her mother's old laptop that was left abandoned. As Shirase gets hold of the laptop, the soundtrack starts to fade in. It's a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and even listening to it alone gets me sometimes. 

The lyric in the song: だから ずと わすれない~ (That's why, I'll never forget you) is so beautiful.

It takes a while for Shirase to enter the password to her mother's laptop, until she types in her birthday which is the first key in making us emotional. As the soundtrack continues, the laptop screen turns into the email display, as we see Shirase's emails to her mother start to pop up. The emails come in slowly, but the more the emails start to flood in, that's when the my own tears start to flood down my cheek. It's as if I want to yell at the screen to make it stop, because it's heartbreaking to see that Shirase's mother has never actually seen all of her emails, and I can't imagine how much sadness Shirase herself must be feeling uncovering almost 1000+ worth of unread emails. The scene cuts with her friends sitting outside, crying as well as they feel the heart-wrenching pain that Shirase must be feeling on the inside as she yells out for her mother. 

Despite the emptiness I felt, the way this scene was delivered was so special. The idea of just seeing a laptop screen fill up with unread emails is something so compelling, in the saddest way possible. I guess it's also attributed to the way the anime sets up Shirase's character, and the entire setting in the series which is brilliant. 

On the brighter side, there's an episode in this anime where the girls stop by Singapore and their shenanigans is truly something hilarious. All in all, Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho is an anime that is quite high up my favourite anime list, and thinking about it now makes me want to rewatch it all over again. Be right back as I get ready my tissues for my incoming tears--and of course, laughter at several moments in the series. 

1. Alas, the number 1 heartbreaking moment in an anime. *DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL*

Episode 10 of Violet Evergarden. 

Violet Evergarden in itself is already an anime that is a feels-trip from start to end, but episode 10 is one that takes the cake. 

Going through briefly, Violet Evergarden follows Violet herself, who works as an auto memory doll--a letter writer for the people who are illiterate or need help expressing emotions in their letter. Often, these letters show a meaningful backstory, to which Violet also grows and gathers experience from them as she figures out herself how to express her own emotions following a traumatic experience in the military. 

Episode 10 then follows Violet to a countryside where a terminally ill war widow lives with her young daughter Anne. From the very first instance, I can automatically tell the widow has limited time to live, and she's definitely writing the letter to her daughter. However, that's not something the daughter can comprehend. She often gets jealous that Violet gets time to spend with her mother because of their letter-writing sessions. But, she doesn't know that the letters are actually for her. 

Sometimes, Anne's outburst can be seen as childish, but I don't feel that way in this episode. As Anne gradually gets consoled by Violet, we see that she feels things a bit more deeply than a normal child. She is aware of her mother's sickness, and confesses that all she wants is to spend time with her mother, probably before her time is up. In the episode, we also get hints that once Anne's mother passes on, Anne will remain in the same mansion. Yet, the idea of growing up alone without a mother is one that will probably render Anne miserable for the rest of her life. Hence, these are things that will probably affect a young girl like Anne.

As Violet finishes her final letter, she leaves the mother and daughter to spend their remaining time together.

Once she reaches back, Violet actually starts to cry, confessing that it has been heartbreaking to write the letters. And the reason is because:

Rather than just writing one big letter, there are fifty letters, one for each year on Anne's birthday. Although we all know that Anne is going to be left alone, the reveal that there are fifty letters is one that makes the episode so gruelling. Just imagine: you are alone at home, but every year on your birthday, you aren't alone because you are accompanied by the presence of your mother's words in the form of a letter. Anne is reminded of that every year, and as she grows up and experience different life changes, it is as if her mother is there with her as well and that makes me look on very forlornly at the episode ending. 

I won't let my words overtake too much, so here's the actual scene that made my heart break the first time I watched it. 

Many tears were shed~

And I think I might have a knack for tragic mother-daughter stories seeing my top 2 moments... 

Well, there we have it. My list of top 5 heartbreaking anime moments. As mentioned, these moments I've picked out are subjective, but for now, when I look back at these 5 moments, I can confidently say that I still find myself choking back tears. It's wonderful how much the the storytelling, beautiful visuals and soundtrack can allows us to feel in an anime, much like in a real-life film and that's the beauty of animation. 

Till then, stay safe during this pandemic everyone~ I'll see you all in the next post. 

Written by kimizomi

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Top Anime Villains: A Requiem

Thursday, April 29, 2021 / No Comments
In film, heroes are well positioned to receive adulation and credit. Indeed, it is my perspective that there are many who find it essential for a successful film to contain within its narrative a well crafted hero. However, I feel that it is equally -and perhaps arguably even more- crucial to celebrate the caliber of the villain; and that a powerful, intelligent and charismatic villain is a super ingredient for the grand dish of success. A super ingredient that is not only significant because of the flavour it contains but also because of it's ability to unlock and enhance the accompanying flavours by providing the occasion for valor and justice to surface and flourish. A well crafted villain may then, from this vantage, be elevated to be the Yin to the Yang, an indispensable feature that constitutes one half of this dualistic ideology and the sine qua non for an eventful, impactful and delightful narrative.

As such, this writing will be looking at the top three villains that are currently most prominently perceived in my mind. Without further ado, below are my top three candidates.

1. Meruem( King of the Chimera Ants)

Meruem is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc featured in Hunter x Hunter. A monster that wielded inconceivable power, he is undoubtedly one of the fiercest fighters of the anime with enough might to give credence to his ambition of world domination. Although his individual strength alone is worthy of awe, his omnipotence is magnified further by the outright control he possesses over his Royal Guards whom themselves are beyond the thresholds of top tier hunters in the anime. In addition to raw power, Meruem is also a brilliant thinker that easily outwits professionals in strategy games he is new to with little calibration required.

His strength and intelligence is sufficient to distinguish himself from the sphere of ordinary villains but there is a third quality that, I think, makes him special. He is a sophisticated villain in that he pursues a course of action that stems from a warped sense of justice. His version of justice self corrects as he matures but his constant struggle with himself presents a dichotomy that is realistic and enthralling. Predatory instinct, the desire to rule, love and a full range of human emotions vibrate vibrantly in his decisions and his story reminds one of what it means to be human.

2. Light Yagami

A prodigy that stumbles upon a book that is capable of sentencing humans to death, Light is a decisive, scheming and phenomenal thinker and killer. His intelligence is highlighted from the beginning where he is portrayed as a top student and is evidenced later on by his dealings with the authorities. Determined and resolute, Light kills individuals he has judged to be evil at an unparalleled speed (as compared to previous owners of such books) and seeks to create a better society by murdering the scourge of humanity. His sense of justice is, at the very least, understandable and his moral rectitude is reinforced mostly by his confidence and temerity but also to a significant extent by his fan base that supports his judgements.

However, his version of justice does not tolerate those who seek to oppose him and he executes, perfidiously, police officers and other authorities of justice that declare his massacring to be a crime. The villainous attributes start to surface more flagrantly at this juncture and his decisions become more questionable as he faces greater adversities that reveal his increasingly unbounded will to kill. A complex character that regularly violates the bounds of hero and villain, his unique psyche exhibits an intricate web of human emotions that are not entirely aligned to a singular purpose.


Where better to find villains than in an anime that features a society with an actual occupation for heroes? Stain the hero killer is another sincere and dedicated ideologue that acts for his perceived good of humanity. He kills heroes who are out to make a name or profit for themselves and those he perceives to be unheroic 'fakes'. Although he is quite a force to be reckoned with, the anime makes no effort to portray him as a prodigy but rather, an ordinarily endowed individual whose assiduousness and tenacity makes him stand apart from the rest. His unfaltering determination and unwavering endurance is an appealing combination and his will is so invincible that he presses on undaunted till the bitter end. 

Although there is less complexity in his character as compared to the other two, simple does not equate to trivial, and he nonetheless remains a very charismatic and charming principled villain that never relents in the face of mounting adversity.

That concludes the blog for today. Who are the top anime villains simmering in your mind? Do they share any particular attributes? Feel free to discuss below in the comment section below.

Written by Z

5 short 2020 anime you should watch

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 / No Comments

Are you looking for short anime to binge watch? Or maybe you're looking for new and short anime to feed on while waiting for that new anime to air? In that case, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, I will be sharing some short anime that are no longer than thirteen episodes. These anime that I am about to share are of different types of genres ranging from romance to psychological thriller. If you are curious, read on to find out. 

1. My Next Life As A Villianess: All Routes Leads To Doom!

Genre: romantic comedy, harem, isekai 
Number of episodes: 12, 1 season 
Status: completed
Category: Spring 2020

Adapted and animated by Silver Link Studio, this anime is also commonly known as "HameFura" for short. The plot follows the main protagonist, a 17 year old otaku who was hit by a car on her way to school. When she awakes, she found out that she has now reincarnated as the villianess in her favorite otome game, Fortune Lover. Because of her extensive knowledge of the game, our protagonist must now carefully choose her actions and maneuver her way around the game so as to not end up being hated, which will ultimately lead to her death or exile. In an effort to avoid the usual fate the villianess who suffer, Caterina, the protagonist, worked hard to establish good relationships with each character. As a result, the characters fell for Caterina's kind nature. 

As someone who is not an avid fan of the isekai genre, I found this isekai anime to be quite refreshing. Granted that it still has the plot of the main character getting reincarnated after getting hit by a moving vehicle and then proceeding to have magical powers, this anime isn't like your typical isekai anime where the plot gets repetitive and boring after awhile. If you are an avid fan of ikemen characters or simply want to have a good laugh, this anime is definitely for you. And unlike most other reverse harem anime where the main character is portrayed as weak and helpless and needing the help of the good looking guys around her, HameFura has a strong-willed and independent main character, which is rather refreshing. 

If you liked this anime, be sure to be on the lookout for season two, which is scheduled to come out in July 2021. 

2. Runway De Waratte (Smile Down The Runway)

Genre: drama, slice of life 
Number of episodes: 12, 1 season 
Status: completed 
Category: Winter 2020

Animated by Ezo'la Studio, this anime follows the story of Fujito Chiyuki, a girl who strives to represent her father's modelling agency in the Paris Fashion Week despite her unconventional height. Meanwhile, Tsumara Ikuto is a high school student who has a talent for designing clothes. However, with no means of supporting himself in the pursuit of his dreams, he is forced to give up on his ambition until he meets Chiyuki. 

At a glance at this anime, it may seem like a generic slice of life anime, but what lies behind this show is a story of determination and hard work, with a little bit of everyday drama. When I first watched this anime, I was immediately drawn to the personalities of the two main characters. If you ever need a dose of motivation, try giving Chiyuki and Ikuto's story a shot. 

3. ID: Invaded 

Genre: science fiction, crime 
Number of episodes: 13, 1 season 
Status: completed 
Category: Winter 2020

Even if you are not a fan of science fiction, ID: Invaded is a must watch. The story follows a detective-turned-convict named Narhisago Akihito after tragedy struck. The Mizuhanome System is a highly advanced system that allows a person to enter the human mind- but not anyone can enter. The condition for entering is that you must have killed someone before. This leads to the detectives of the special police squad, Kura, to enlist the help of Akihito who is known as Sakaido inside the "well". 

In this anime, viewers follow Sakaido as he is tasked to solve one mystery after another. The intriguing plot and different crimes that were committed is enough to get you hooked. After the first episode, I found myself binge watching the entire series due to the characters and interesting crimes that Sakaido had to solve. As the anime progresses, it will leave you wanting more at the end as he uncovers something sinister behind what seems to be the numerous standalone crimes.

4. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle  

Genre: music, action, science fiction
Number of episodes: 13, 1 season 
Status: completed 
Category: Fall 2020

Originally a rap/song project developed by King Records under their Evil Line Records Label, Hypnosis Mic was so successful that it was subsequently adapted into three different manga, a rhythm game, as well as an anime. 

The Hypnosis Mic anime focuses on four different rap teams, each representing different division of Japan- Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. In a world dominated by women, the use and creation of weapons were strictly forbidden and instead of using violence to solve conflicts, the men are given hypnosis microphones to battle for territories outside of Chuuouku, where the women live. In this case, the notorious rap crew, The Dirty Dawg, have now disbanded and formed their own crew, each of them seeking to fight for the pride of their respective crews. While this may seem like a show with no hidden meaning, behind each rap battle leads to hidden intentions. 

Apart from the engaging rap battles and bright colors, this anime uses a combination of CGI as well as 2D animation to execute the rap battles that added to the excitement of the show. While there are many different views on idol anime and the plot of Hypnosis Mic, this anime is great if you just want to have a change of pace. If you are looking for more Hypnosis Mic music that are not shown in the anime, you can always find them on Youtube and Spotify.  

5.  Munou Na Nana (Talentless Nana)

Genre: psychological thriller, horror, supernatural  
Number of episodes: 13, 1 season  
Status: completed 
Category: Fall 2020

When I first watched the first episode, another anime immediately came to mind- My Hero Academia. Much like the latter, Munou Na Nana surrounds a bunch of students called "Talents" who had superpowers. They were being kept on an island, where they train to fight against creatures who were called "enemies of humanity". 

The anime started off with a boy, Nakajima Nanao who is supposedly without talent. This causes him to often be the target of bullying. Soon after, when two new students were transferred to the island, strange occurrences started happening, and their classmates disappeared one by one. 

If you are a fan of psychological thriller, Munou Na Nana is the show for you. With an unexpected plot and the mind games between each of the characters, this anime is definitely worth a shot. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful! 

Until the next time, 

Rika ^-^

Anime review: Jujutsu Kaisen

Sunday, April 18, 2021 / No Comments

Warning: this post contains anime spoilers. 

When Jujutsu Kaisen was first released on 3rd October 2020, it became instantly popular among fans. The twenty-four episode anime was animated by Mappa who also animated other shows such as Shingeki No Kyojin season 4, Terror In Resonance, The God Of High school and popular gambling anime, Kakegurui. Recently, Mappa has also announced a possible sneak peak of Chainsaw Man on its 10th anniversary event on June 27, 2021. 

So what is Jujutsu Kaisen about? Jujutsu Kaisen, translated into English as "sorcery fight", follows our protagonist by the name of Itadori Yuji who got caught up in the jujutsu world after he decided to eat one of Sukuna's finger in an attempt to fight off the cursed spirits that were drawn to Sukuna's finger after it was unsealed. 

Shortly after, Itadori was introduced to Gojo Satoru who more or less did not give Yuji any other choice then to choose his own death. But when Yuji was able to eat another of Sukuna's fingers and still have claim over his body, Gojo had the brilliant idea of bringing Yuji back to Jujutsu High. 

Yuji informing Gojo that he ate Sukuna's finger

Prior to watching the first episode, I expected Jujutsu Kaisen to be a twelve episode anime where Yuji would travel around with Megumi and Nobara to exorcise cursed spirits and then having fun, but what was ahead was so much more unexpected and darker than I thought it would be. Instead of a wholesome high school anime, we're faced with Yuji and his friends going on missions and having to face powerful villains like Mahito, Jogo and Hinami. And while we follow Yuji as he faces the fact that he cannot save people who were turned into cursed spirits, it allows us to understand where Yuji is coming from and experience the feeling of helplessness when faced with the tough decision of having to exorcise them. 

Apart from the intriguing plot and amazing animation that Mappa has provided, one thing that really struck me was the backstories of the characters and the fact that Gege Akutami, the mangaka, portrayed the female characters as strong and independent who can match up to their male counterparts, while still retaining their femininity, causing fans to compare Jujutsu Kaisen and Shingeki No Kyojin with each other in terms of having independent female characters in a show that is targeted mainly towards males. While the anime provided us with strong female characters who instantly became popular such as Nobara, Maki and Utahime, we were also given Miwa, a character who is typically seen as useless. However, Miwa's character was the one that never fails to amaze me. Even though she considers herself useless, she has proven herself to be considerate, hardworking, determined and although not as physically strong as the rest as seen when she battled against Zenin Maki in the Kyoto Goodwill event arc, she is strong in a way that she does not give up easily. Overall, I personally feel that Miwa is one of the more underrated characters alongside Shoko Ieiri, the doctor of Jujutsu High. 


Nobara demonstrating her cursed technique 

While many fans were spoilt for choice when it came to deciding who their favorite character is, ask anyone who is one of their favorites and the name "Gojo Satoru" is bound to come up. It is easy to see why Gojo is easily everyone's favorite- tall, good looking, funny and most of all, the most powerful sorcerer in the Jujutsu world, this man who has the sky in his eyes easily raked up a good number of fan girls across the world. With his stunning character design, he is easily the most popular character throughout the entire show. In addition, his complex character makes him all the more interesting. The amount of cursed technique and power that Gojo holds is also enough to convince you why he is one of the best characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. 

Gojo showing off his cursed technique, hollow purple

While the anime is filled with heartbreaking and exciting moments, we were given a snippet of the characters relaxing and having fun at the end of each episode which is called "Jujutsu stroll". Jujutsu Stroll is definitely one of the highlights that made Jujutsu Kaisen even more enjoyable. Much like taking a hot bath at the end of a tiring and stressful day, Jujutsu Stroll allows viewers to escape from the pain that the main anime has given us for a little while. 

All in all, Jujutsu Kaisen doesn't lack anything- amazing animation and visuals, well written characters and side characters that are not outshined by the main characters and catchy openings and endings, Jujutsu Kaisen will definitely go down as one of the best shounen anime of our time. 

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had fun writing this! 

Until the next time, 

Rika ^-^

Sk8 the infinity - that one Winter 2021 sports anime that everyone is talking about

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Kiss... Goodbye?

Saturday, August 15, 2020 / No Comments

Hello everyone! It's been a while, I hope all of you are keeping well amidst this crazy period~

Recently, I have heard news that the kissanime site will be down forever, and obviously, I couldn't believe it at first. But alas, when I went to check, it seems that the news has certainly proven to be true. :( 

I'm sure for some, it might not be that much of an issue, considering how many anime titles are in Netflix right now, but for someone who has grown up under the likes and nostalgia of kissanime, kissmanga etc. it definitely made me a bit melancholic. I still remember my first anime binge on that website; it was Anohana

I remembered being curious at first--I only got into anime at a later part of my life (about 5 years ago) so kissanime was the go-to site to watch this. Over time, I grew accustomed to pressing the "next episode" button, and I would be able to watch the next episode quickly without any buffering issues. I would also look forward to hearing the iconic kissanime intro at the start of each video: 

Ah, the memories :')

Over time, I gradually began to love watching anime, and even found my favourite anime and fandoms to be in. Most importantly, there were a lot of anime that I could only exclusively find on kissanime. (I'm sure there are other streaming sites, but kissanime was still a site that I find myself gravitating to) 

Anyway, I guess just like the website, it's time to accept it and move on. And who knows, maybe they'll come back again sometime!

For now, we still have Netflix. Granted, they don't carry a lot of titles (at least for me, because most of the anime I watch are a bit more secluded (or just, a little less talked about)--e.g Nana, Princess Principal, Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu... And it goes on. And even some popular titles aren't there yet, at least for now. 

Well, on the bright side, at least there's still plenty other good anime to stream and watch. Here are some of my favourites that I have binged on Netflix so far! I'm a little biased towards the slice-of-life/cute girls doing cute things genre, so if you like those type of anime too, maybe you'd like to check out some of these! Or if you already have, then that is nice! 

Zombieland Saga

So many memes have come out from this anime, and it's amazing because it's a really fun-loving and entertaining anime. I mean... Zombies and idols?! It really doesn't get any better than that. Here's one of the rap battles they did which truly encapsulated the entire series.  

Asobi Asobase 

Another super fun anime~ I find myself cackling at the antics these girls share, and it's really just a light-hearted, comedic watch without much intensity of a storyline to follow through.

Carole & Tuesday

This anime is one of the most underrated anime I have seen. It might be a slow watch for some people as it goes through 24 episodes but the production quality and voice acting are amazing. The friendship between Carole and Tuesday is so wholesome, and well developed that it made it such a comfortable watch. Also, the music is amazing!

Little Witch Academia

Another long episodic anime. But one that is so wholesome and colourful that it makes you want to keep watching to follow on Akko's journey as an eager, wide-eyed witch student.


And another long episodic anime. I seem to have a knack for these type of animes huh? Shirobako is essentially an anime about making anime. I think that's the best selling point I can give out, haha. But well, we get to take a peek of what it's like to work in an anime industry, as we revolve around a few high school friends. Friendships and passion makes the dream work~

Violet Evergarden

One of the more popular animes out there on netflix. I'm sure we all know by now the beauty of KyoAni, and it is further reflected here in Violet Evergarden! Despite its beautiful production quality, the story isn't compromised because it is equally as engaging and heartfelt. A really beautiful anime that is worth all their praise is all I can say. 

And now, a bit on the more... Grip-on-the-edge-of-your-seats anime.

Scum's Wish 

This anime was such a wild ride. It's lethal, it's heartbreaking, but it's also so emotionally charged. There's something that just draws me to this anime, despite how many times I feel myself wanting to tear away at the screen for the dangerous decisions the characters make. But really, it's a nice watch.

The Tatami Galaxy

I was really happy when this anime came out on Netflix. When I first watched it on kissanime, it was quite an obscure anime because of its quirkiness, to the point I felt like I needed some level of intelligence to watch it. But it's definitely an interesting watch, and we learn some valuable life lessons too. 


And yes... Kakegurui, our favourite anime about high school gambling which can go to the... Extremes. Looking forward to the third season! 

Well, to conclude, although kissanime may be ending, I'm sure there's still resources out there to fuel our anime needs. Netflix is a good option, but hopefully you'll be able to find some of your favourites on there. And hopefully, I've managed to introduce or allow you to revisit some anime listed here!

Have a good day and stay safe everyone~

Written by Kimizomi