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*・✧・゚My Kawaii Food Diary ・゚✧・* Let's Cook: Spicy Cod Roe Spaghetti

Have you guys heard of Mentaiko pasta before? Mentaiko is basically marinated pollock and cod roe, and ranges from a pinkish to orange colour. Known for its salty flavour, it is commonly tossed with pasta as a sauce.

It's a Japanese dish that I've always wanted to try! So when my sister picked up a packet of some 'Spaghetti Sauce Spicy Cod Roe' at the supermarket, I decided to give it a go too. 

Doesn't that look amazing?! I used vermicilli spaghetti (though I would have preferred the thicker kind). I do think this dish tastes best with spaghetti, rather than other 'chunky' kinds like penne, fusilli, etc. But that just might be my own personal preference.

This packet has two servings. The ones with black markings contain seaweed strips (it's not much, so if you really like your nori garnishing, it's best to buy some more beforehand), while the orange ones contain the mentaiko sauce! Don't be despaired when you see the size; it may be tiny but you will probably find that it will suffice as the taste is quite strong. In the meantime, let's boil our pasta!

Don't overcook your spaghetti; keep it al dente. After draining the noodles, I added about two tablespoons of olive oil and tossed that in first. This is optional but I think it does make the pasta taste better. It'll also be easier to mix as it won't be as dry. 

Now go ahead and pour on the sauce and mix it all up! 

Sprinkle on the seaweed and voila! It is ready to eat~ いただきます~~ Itadakimasu!!

Alright, so let's move on to the taste. I expected it to be more salty which was a slight disappointment but nevertheless, it is quite yummy. It's savoury and there's a really strong fishy smell and aftertaste so it might not be for everybody. Personally, I'm not an extremely big fan of fish (except sashimi) but I enjoyed this. 

Now what surprised me was that it was not spicy. AT ALL. I'm not kidding. So even if you can't handle hot things, you'll be fine with this.

This is also a great meal for lazy people (like me) because it is so fast and easy to prepare! If you're using the thin kind of spaghetti that cooks relatively quickly, you'll be able to prepare it in 15 mins flat. 

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Written by Faelan

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