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Sword Art Online

I was finding a good anime which won't make me bored after first episode and Sword Art Online kept me interested even after reading the Synopsis. It was released on 2012 and ranked #16 on . I always find animeczazy's rankings are accurate and match me well.  Sword Art Online has a good art and interesting story. The Sound OST is good and I really like it. 

The first few episodes don't have much of love and mostly an introduction on the visual world's rules and how did all the players cope with the life. It's quite a rush that I felt a lot of things are squeezed into the first few episodes. 

There are flaws and not perfect but it's definitely enjoyable. This anime might not be good for adults because it has a lot of imaginary stuffs and not realistic. The anime is somewhat tragic in the beginning as they were kept captive in the game and I like the idea. They don't have much love scene as they are fighting with the level boss every day. It's a bad romance between Kirito and Asuna

The first half has a great potential but the second half seems just filling to answer most of the questions but I'm glad they make second half as I'm the type who just love happy endings. If you are looking for more realistic one, I would not suggest this anime.  This anime is more suited for teens and MMO fans.

The main characters Kirito and Asuna both are talented strong players and lovely couple. Okay I don't wanna spoil anymore than this. If you wanna read spoilers, click the link below.
Synopsis: Sword Art Online

In the future, year of 2022, people play multiplayer online role-play game called Sword Art Online (SAO) using a nerve gear which can create visual reality. On the beginning day of a new tournament, the creator of the game announced that no one is allowed to leave the game until they conquer all the level and those who got killed will die and reality and those who are waked from the game will also die from the shockwave. They have to reach 100th floors of the game tower and defeat the final boss to log out from the game. The Protagonist Kirito who is a beta player who was participated in the last tournament and this is his second time. He actually knows how the game works but he kept quiet due to his personality. One day he met with Asuna who is a heroin strong player but same as him, she doesn't have guild and solo player.  How are they going to finish all the levels? Will they survive? 

Kirito & Asuna

Amazing scene in Visual World

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