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A Rejection Letter (Kind Of)

"Ashisu desu."

Dear Ashisu-san,

Your recent manuscript submission to our publisher has been thoroughly reviewed and discussed by the editorial panel. While the artwork reflects commendable quality and absolute potential, it is with an utmost reluctance on our part to say that the panel has decided not to serialise your manga after a long deliberation. We understand that your ambition to become a professional comic artist has long driven you to hone your talents as diligently as possible. The creative industry has always been highly competitive, and we also try our very best to discover and retain the best artists. Your artwork definitely sets the bar alongside some of the greatest names. However, the panel thinks that your choices of theme, storyline, characters and such could use more experimentation and depth to liven up the manga.

"I currently work for Aito-sensei."

Your curriculum vitae states that you are currently assisting Aito Yuki, the mangaka of Hajiratte Cafe Latte. Coincidentally, many of our editors are long-time fans of Aito-sensei's work. Have you considered skewing your artwork's direction towards something similar? While originality is just as important, a little influence here and there would certainly add points. Let's not be swayed by the stereotype that only male artists draw ladies' undergarments. Breasts...we mean, ladies' curves could also be appreciated by female artists just as well. We believe that a little ecchi will go a long way. Even though Aito-sensei's editor Mihari-san thinks otherwise, please take her refutation with a pinch of salt. Mihari-san has a little issue with her...assets, and we understand that even Aito-sensei's praises have no effect whatsoever on her.


All our dedicated readers love fan-service. A generous spread of eye candies will definitely boost the morale of our readers after a long day at work or school. Nothing beats a close-up shot of a mildly embarrassed, well-endowed woman seductively caressing her...cushion. While that may drain off a considerable amount of health and mana from the readers, it gradually regenerates energy when combined with other elements. For example, brief glimpses at different designs of undergarments. What about regular trips to the lingerie department? We understand that Aito-sensei has a favourite outlet where he does extensive research for that flawless capture of shameless voyeurism. Perhaps you could tag along on one of his trips to immerse in that unique experience. By the way, a few of our editors simply adore the double A-cups. Like Aito-sensei, they have persisted countless times to convey that common love to Mihari-san, even if it meant another appointment with the chiropractor.

What did you say?!!?

The characters in your story are somewhat too safe. We have discovered that a lot of our readers actually prefer sickly twisted characters. In other words, they are masochists. Nothing is more comfortable than a death whip from a sadistic queen in black, according to a recent survey done to our readers. Sena-chan instantly springs to the mind! It would be awesome if you could base a character or two on people you know. The prickly sensation as the whip lashes against the skin redefines pleasure and ecstasy. Other details aren't so important. Oh, the desired height is about 140-ish centimetres. 

Take that, you hentai!!!

Another alternative could be somebody who is naturally easy...we mean, easy-going to a fault. Rinna-chan would make a great inspiration, wouldn't she? The enthusiasm in her expression, her playful knock on Aito-sensei's forehead, her ever willingness to give in to his advances...many readers would so die to be in Aito-sensei's place! The blood banks across the country might just run out of supplies in no time.

Yes! I'm a fan of Sensei's work...

Our publisher strongly encourages you to take a huge leap of faith, and incorporate bolder and more colourful content to heighten the overall appeal of your manuscript. The editorial panel would be more than ready to stamp its approval and discuss your debut if you are willing to consider the suggestions. We still wish you all the best in your future endeavours should you decide to forgo this opportunity.

Ne, what do you think of this design?

Eccentrically Yours.


Written by J.Fluffysheep
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