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「Mobage」Yumeiro Cast: Introduction to Gameplay (Part 2/2)!

Apart from previously mentioned gameplay tactics in part 1/2 here, there are some new areas to note here that are not found in most other games. This is placed under the tab "Theater" which fits with the scenario of this game, which is about the main cast members being part of a musical troupe.
Under the theater tab, you will come to the following screen where you will have your partner on the stage. There would be females seated before the stage too. They will have either yellow stars, rainbow stars or speech bubbles above their heads. Swiping these would give you Gold (stars) or Talk Points.
Each yellow star is worth 5 Gold and they can be used to buy interior decorations or gifts for the cast members. For rainbow stars, you will get an item which you can use as a give for the cast members.

For the interior decoration, you can only change the stage, walls and chairs. You can also add decorations to 8 spots on the floor or on the walls. The decorations typically come under a theme, especially for the stage, walls and chairs. Playing different difficulties of the respective songs would unlock them, but you'll still have to buy the decorations to actually use them.
To spend on the members, you will have to proceed to the Backstage area, which you can access with the larger button on the bottom left. Each player is limited to using this area only 5 times a day and if you wish to access it more, you can refill using staff passes. There are 2 kinds of staff passes -- one refills enough for 1 visit while the other refills for all 5 visits.
This is the backstage area and you tap on a door to reveal the character behind it. You can open all 3 doors and see who the characters are before making your choice. After choosing, tap the character revealed and enter. If you do not like any of the 3, you can leave the backstage area and return at a later time, hoping that the characters would have changed.
In the room, you can give characters items you get from the rewards after completing a song, or from the rainbow stars.

Practicing cards are done with these special cards which you can get at the end of song rewards or from getting goals accomplished such as rewards for getting ranking in songs (B score, etc.). You might get some from rewards through event points as well. These special cards have different rarities -- I have seen N, R and SR (unknown if there are URs for these), and give a lot more exp than usual N rarity cards. 
Rs and SRs of cast members give exp as well as skill up. To get a level 1 skill card up to level 2, you will need 2 R cast member cards, each giving 50% chance to skill up. To get a level 2 skill to level 3, you need 4 R cast member cards, each giving 25% chance to skill up. Going by this method, you will require more R cast members and later even SR or UR cards as well.

Note that the cast members used to skill up do not need to be of any specific cards, except of the specific rarity instead. Also, two copies of the same card are needed to awaken a card, but the awakened card is considered as a single copy. Idolising the card for the second time and beyond would increase the level cap by 10 each time, for up to 30.

Sale of N rarity cast members give gacha points, which can then be used to spin more gacha to get N, R or SRs. Sale of single unidolised R cast members give gacha points and 3 exchange tickets. Sale of idolised R cast members give gacha points and 4 exchange tickets. Higher rarity cards will give more exhange tickets, and if I'm not wrong, URs give 20 exchange tickets.

In the exchange shop, you can use these exchange tickets to exchange for unidolised SR cards, special training cards or even 100% AP refill energy bottles. Though you can only exchange for 100% AP refill bottles, there are also 30% and 50% ones too. Although you can use them for refilling AP, you can use Dream Stones for refilling as well, just that you will have to use 5 stones for each refill, making it less worth it when you have these energy bottles as well.
Lastly, with regards to talk points, this is for Star Awakening, which is a feature added only recently into the game. Star awakened members have higher stats and an increased level cap of 20 from 100 to 120. 
You will also get a third illustration which you can use; so you can switch between the unidolised, idolised and star awakened illustrations.
To star awaken your UR card, you will have to idolise it first. After which, you will have to collect Talk Points. There are several ways you can get it: From the girls in the theater (speech bubbles), from song rewards after clearing a song, and from logging into the game. After filling up the talk points and clearing all the chats, you will be able to star awaken your card!

Chats are just like a sms/text system to a single character, where you choose one of the 3 options to reply to the cast member's message and await for a reply after that. He will message you once after the talk points hits the limit. Sadly, these messages do not have much connection with each other...
With regards to buying Dream Stones, you can get 6 gems at a lowered price of 100 yen, which is good for those who don't intend to spend that much yet
If you don't mind spending though, you can get the pack of 600 gems at 10,000 yen. With every 10,000 yen purchase, you will get an SR or above ticket to scout. On your third purchase of the 10,000 yen pack, you will also receive a UR scouting ticket to give you a guaranteed UR!
And that's all I have on this Gameplay corner. Next up, I'll talk about some of the scouts available for beginners before doing some wrap-ups and reviews for the different events I have been through!

~ Reina-rin

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