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Idealistic Realism: Classmates & Friends (Boys Side)

Is there a particular type of classmate and / or friend that you wish you had in high school? While I wish I could be more appreciative towards my classmates back then, I just couldn't connect with a lot of them. Worse, my class happened to be a highly competitive batch that had nothing but the throne in their minds. Misfits were probably less noticeable. Nonetheless, I was glad to have survived those brutal years. If I had certain types of classmates though, perhaps I could be rid of my social awkwardness and be able to make some friends.

The Boys Side:


1. Hazuki Nagisa (Free!)
Nagisa's overly-sunny personality might scorch some people, but his unfazed mannerisms make him an extremely down-to-earth and frank person. He is also loyal to his friends. I think that Nagisa and I would get along just fine. I mean, he loves horror films! I wouldn't mind joining him for dessert buffet as well. And I also hate Math.


2. Fukube Satoshi (Hyouka)
I was instantly tickled by his "I'm a sunflower!" entrance in the third episode of Hyouka. Satoshi's sense of humour is very uplifting and has a certain depth to it. I suppose a conversation with him would be extremely fulfilling. His charm also takes form of a perpetual smile.

Seki-kun wa sugoi~!

3. Seki Toshinari (Tonari no Seki-kun)
I hate to admit it, but if I were the 'victim' of Seki-kun's antics I would probably just play along and enjoy every moment of it. I mean, this guy could do anything on that little desk! I wonder if he would ever be charged with multiple vandalism offences. It's just ridiculous (in a good way though) that he never gets caught whatsoever.

The other Bungaku Shojo

4. Inoue Konoha (Bungaku Shojo)
I'm into creative writing, and someone like Konoha-kun definitely earns my admiration and respect. Even though he's got a traumatising past, thanks to the Literature Girl he was able to slowly come to terms with those inner demons and pave a bright future for himself. Konoha-kun happens to have a wicked sense of humour as well, which is evident in the 'snacks' that he writes for the Literature Girl.

The perfect couple :)

5. Yamazaki Takashi (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Okay, I know he's like...10? But let's just assume that Yamazaki-kun is a high schooler. His over-the-top stories are a constant joy to listen to, especially when accompanied by the familiar soundtrack cutely titled 'Hoe?' (Sakura's mantra throughout the anime). Yamazaki-kun's interactions with Chiharu-chan are also very entertaining to watch.

Pantsu! Good!

6. Aito Yuki (The Comic Artist and Assistants)
Again, let's just assume that Aito-sensei had bad luck (actually he does have bad luck) and repeated high school. I think that Aito is basically an ordinarily frank person despite his routine attempts to fulfil his fantasies of undressing his assistants and such so that he could peek at their undergarments. And he is a talented mangaka. I mean, it's beyond amazing that so many panties could be strewn across a manga series. It seems that his assistants don't really mind even though they aren't exactly comfortable with his mannerisms.

I suppose reality doesn't quite allow colourful characters to completely integrate into a place for many reasons. In school, there are students who are chided for being different and unique. Rules and regulations aside, if such colourful students were unconditionally acknowledged and encouraged, wouldn't that make school life a lot more interesting and enticing? I think that I would be more inclined to socialise with them.


This is just the Boys Side. In a future article, I shall compile a list for the Girls Side. Reminiscing about school life can be very therapeutic.

Do / Did you have a classmate and / or friend who fit(s) / fitted in any of the traits above?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep

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