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College and Anime

A small refection time from me. Thus, the observations below are mine and only mine~:D

So, I've been roaming around in college, dabbling in the after school clubs and all that jazz, watching anime with like minded people. And then I realise that the anime that people watch in college is quite different. Watching old titles from ten years back is a norm and torrenting massive amounts of anime into a hard drive is a norm as well (I usually stream anime...though HD torrents are amazing I admit). Just simply amazing actually, considering that in college, people are supposed to have less time to play and devote more time to study. I can already feel the endless stream of homework sets dying to flood in to my schedule and mess things up, but I guess that's why you would join the Visual Media Circle/Japanese club (aka Anime club in fancy terms) for an after school activity.

After joining the first circle time as they call it, I realised it was just about watching anime for two to three hours straight, so yea....that was... nice in the sense that I know I still have time set aside for watching anime in my schedule then. I realise that aside from the usual romantic comedy that most anime lovers like to watch, there seemed to be an appreciation for the more serious side of anime as well, a more in depth discussion about the underlying meaning and themes of the show. Circle time also featured light banters regarding storyline flow and cohesion, rating the casting of seiyuus and quality of animation. Another interesting thing to note is that they also dabble in scanlations/translations and doujins, now that was fascinating since I finally have a bunch of real life like minded people that can understand the pains and joys of cleaning and typesetting pages and pages of manga, or scenes and scenes of anime. So, I got a long pretty well with them, until the bunch of guys (and there were a lot of guys...I just never realised the gender disparity till now...) decided to watch some ecchi and thus chased all of us girls out of the room deeming it inappropriate...though really...I think I've seen worse.

The club also teaches the Japanese language, hold ramen outings and trips to cosplay conventions which is great~ but I guess the main point is that, I'm just mainly relieved that even with the work load of college, there's still time and space for the anime loving side of me. And for that I'm grateful.

After writing all this, the club kinda reminds me of the anime Genshiken. An anime about an otaku group in college and how the members grow together, accept themselves and create a bond with one another. I wonder... as I get to know my club members over the years, will I discover coming out otakus, fujoshis, gamers, fledging doujin authors and cosplayers? Come to think of it, it would be interesting to compare this anime to my own life in this club over the period I'm in college. Just how realistic will Genshiken be? Or...just how fictional can my life be...? 

Written by Neko

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