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Highschool manga/anime

Hello everyone! I'm the new kid on the block, you can call me Nana! Yes, after Ai Yazawa's famous heroines from the unfortunately interrupted Nana. I had planned a later debut as I have been struck by the flu bug but it turns out sneezing nonstop doesn't help time past and after stuffing tissues into my nose I don't really have much else to do… Well, you'll find out more about me in due time so on to today's topic, highschool manga/anime.

Manga/anime set in highschool or with highschool students is definitely one of most popular, whether it's a love story, about a school club or simply slice-of-life. They cover almost everything possible (think zombie apocalypse in Highschool of the Dead and a no-holds barred battle in Battle Royale). Here are my top highschool manga/anime!

1) Ouran High School Host Club

Otoro for you?
How do I justify my love for OHSHC? It is nothing like any other manga I have read. The main character Haruhi, despite being surrounded by beautiful boys, simply does not give a damn about anything but the latest supermarket sales. Hilarity ensues as she gets tugged along by their antics and made to take part in various schemes. The author takes time to develop every character and the art is definitely charming. I feel silly admitting this, but my brother caught me smiling like at idiot in the middle of the night while I was reading OHSHC. A good shoujo manga for those who prefer romance to be less in-your-face.

2) Battle Royale

I absolutely LOVE Battle Royale. Immediately after I finished the manga I went to buy the novel. Beneath the violence and the gore lay the wanton desires of students who had to grow up suddenly when they are thrown into a battlefield. As once-classmates plot to kill each other, you wonder if it is possible to escape this nightmare unscathed... The manga is highly sexualised and contains violence, and I would not recommend it to people below 16, but it is a worthy read for anyone thinking of flirting with the darker themes of manga.

3) GJ Bu

Definitely as adorable and light-hearted as this picture depicts!
Ah, another anime I simply cannot explain. How about what they do, you ask? It is a club that does nothing, and everything. The members congregate in the club room and… Do whatever they fancy. Boring as this sounds, I ended up watching all 12 episodes in one night (oh my poor eyes). It is definitely a pleasant anime, with the light teasing of Kyoya, the main character, being the focal point. A truly enjoyable series that is great to unwind to.

4) Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan

Technically this manga is set in middle school, but it is based in school after all. This manga has a dark-ish theme. In fact, I would classify it under mild horror. Yotsuya senpai is a phantom student, a rumour floating about the campus. Surprisingly, he turns out to be completely real, with a obsession for terrified shrieks. Although he calls them mere scary stories, his words tend to have an inkling of truth… This manga has a refreshing concept, great for inducing a little tingle along your spine on those nights home alone!

5) Clamp School Detectives

Gomenasai! This isn't even in the vicinity of highschool... However, putting aside the gross mismatch between the age and behavior of the three child detectives, this manga is a good, cheerful read. I commend the thought put into their individual quirks, which provide some comic relief. The overly-perfect detectives may be annoying, but overall the manga isn't bad to read, and the art is beautiful (as all Clamp art is).

Well, I have named some popular favourites and hope to have also introduced some new manga/anime to you. It is late now, goodnight! Lots of love.

Written by: Nana

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