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QooApp: To download and update Japanese games easily on Android

To All,

I have been receiving questions about how I download my Japanese games, which are mostly region-locked to Japan only, or how am I easily able to update my applications when they themselves are unable to locate the download links for the apk. This is especially so for more obscure games.

For this, I make use of this application.

Good for all of you who recognized this application instantly based on the logo alone!

Now, back to the application.

As mentioned in the title, you can easily bypass your country limits to download Japan-based games on your Android phone through the use of an application called "QooApp" which provides you with apks of the games you wish to look for. There is no need for any VPNs or changes to locale!

Not only is it more convenient than hunting down the links to apk on the website, like I used to do, it also helps you to keep track of the popularity of the different games as well as what new games are out in the market so you can easily be one of the first few players of the new game!

QooApp is very much modeled after Google Play Store so it should not be a huge hindrance when attempting to  maneuver through the application.

Now to demonstrate how to use this application to download a game, I chose Fate/Grand Order. This is a very popular game that I have been dying to try out but I didn't have the time to yet. Hopefully by installing it into my phone now would give me more motivation to start it.

(Stay tuned for a possible future review of Fate/Grand Order!)
Similar to on Google Play Store, you will just need to hit the download button and wait for the apk to finish downloading. Meanwhile you can read through the description and scroll through the pictures to determine if you like what you see. After all, it would be the new game you will get addicted to. Better to choose one that looks visually appealing!

Now that the download for Fate/Grand Order is completed, remember to open it for installation. I tend to just skip past the whole list of device access when it comes to download Japanese games. This just goes to show how much trust I have in them.

Not really, they just tend to give me the same controls every time I bother reading them.
Somehow, Fate/Grand Order took quite some time to install onto my device. Perhaps my device is getting a little too clad with games and it is hinting to me that adding one more is not really a good idea...?

In any case, I had a mini-study session while waiting for this installation process. I was a little too engrossed and did not realize it finished installing until quite some time later. After which I am so excited to just open the game and start on my Fate/Grand Order adventure!

This is the game I was dying to play since weeks ago! 
Downloading in-game took quite some time too, but since this is typical for all games, I'll let it slide. At least I have the cute animal moving at the bottom right of the screen to entertain me this time round! 
After which, I am finally greeted with this beautiful screen. It's so amazing in so many ways I can;t describe. The font, the colors, the art... I... I will be off to a Fate/Grand Order adventure tonight.

Hope this helped anyone who has been hesitating to use QooApp; or anyone else who might have troubles sourcing download links!

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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