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End of 2017, Beginning of 2018

Happy new year to one and all! Just a few hours before the clock struck midnight for 1st January, I was discussing with a few pals from university how we'd all rather stay at home than... meet up with people, or attend countdown parties. (We're just a bunch of introverts, honestly.) Well, I did attempt to catch the midnight fireworks a few years back but I had to get home before that since I still had a curfew. :(

Then again, I never went for one again and probably never will unless I'm at a gathering with close ones. Staying warm and safe at home sounds like a much better alternative (it has gotten a little chillier lately with the average temperature today around 25 degrees celsius o.o).

I'm also one of those people who don't really subscribe to the "new year, new slate" belief, but it's always fun - to wish everyone a happy new year and hope they generally have a good time ahead; seeing tons of new fanart for the new year etc! I find it quite a big occasion regardless since most people worldwide would be hyped up about it.

We start off this year with birthdays from some characters already! Here are 1st January babies that I know of -

Sawamura Daichi from Haikyuu!!

I haven't caught up on the manga since... (crickets chirping) maybe 2 years ago, when the manga was still on the shiratorizawa-karasuno arc. I do think he might already have graduated since the series started when he was a 3rd year in High School. Regardless, he'll be remembered as an excellent captain with his solid receives in-game. (There were a few jokes about the senpai graduation being the equivalent to an anime death but nah, he's not dead, he just deserves to be remembered.)

Kurosawa Dia from Love Live! Sunshine!!

Student Council President of Uranohoshi Girls' High, serious and meticulous in her duties. Also a third year (c'mon, that's enough "anime deaths" already!) - and though she's not high on my favourites list she's the dear sister of my third best girl in Aqours (Kurosawa Ruby!) and has her own unique charm as well!

LLSIF also released a New Years' Aqours set on 31st December - not sure why Dia-oneesan is not the featured UR since it's her birthday on New Year's, but this SSR (idolised) of hers is also really beautiful and a great way to celebrate the occasion as well! ^^

I am pretty sure there are others that share the same birthday, but they are all I remember for now ^^; Anyway!

The last week of 2017 was spent rather memorably, at least for me. There are at least two things:

1. I managed to finish Durarara!! (only the 2010 anime, though!) and was quite impressed by how the story developed throughout. I nearly wanted to drop it since it got kind of boring several times in the beginning (as warned by my friend) and Orihara Izaya was starting to annoy me but the later episodes motivated me to pick up the pace and see the plot to the end.

A few messages from the series popped up for me as well which served as a good wake up call... I can put them as my new years resolutions, I figure. Number 1, don't run away from my problems, number 2, have better communication with people... Man, this is not easy!

My interest in the series has been piqued though, and I might want to continue watching the rest of the series when I get the time to. For now this is my favourite character. He dislikes Izaya too.

2. Comiket 93

No, I was not physically there (I wish...) but I asked a proxy to help me queue up for some stuff I was really keen to get. The problem was that I contacted proxy-san too late and the items I wanted sold out before they could place my orders. :( I had to settle for a blanket preorder which costed me a whopping 140sgd but no regrets! I'd be able to wrap my husbando around me in no time :3

And no, the proxy did not go back for the 2nd and 3rd day so I may have to settle for searching around online for the things I wanted to get. (more crying)

Since now we're on this topic, let me introduce to you my new hyperfixation which is why I even paid attention to comiket this time round. I can't wait for the movie which was announced at the end of the anime!!

I had been eyeing this item...
I hope I get them soon even if those items put a dent in my wallet....

And on to the new year! I don't have much to add on other than hoping this year would be a better one than 2017... but that requires us to do our very best as well! I feel like I've lost a lot of what is important to me, and lost a lot of time to illness - but new year, new plan, and new strength! I will end off this post with a few new year greetings from my favourite Aqours cards.


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