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Sign up for explosive cosplays! Cosnavi and its crazy events! (photos)

Japan is the land of cosplay, and of course copslayers are pushing the limits every event. In steps Cosnavi, now trending for its various mass location shoot events. Cosnavi essentially is a cosplay events company and the average cosplayer is simply spoiled for choice. They have shoots in almost every imaginable setting. 

This beautiful river is perfect for Fate cosplay. Events like this generally don't cost much. And transport is provided, even if it is only to the nearest station.

Of course any cosplayer can recognise a nice sakura spot when they see one! A quiet place is the best for shoots. You can be sure they will be hunting for these every year. Bookings are available now.

Nice winter shoot. They even offer to pick you up if you are not confident to drive to this obscure spot because of the thick snow.

Perfect for monogatari's nadeko snake!

They actually booked an entire shrine for cosplay, with permission given to shoot in the interior! You don't get to do this on your own. 

Shibuya Club! These Death Parade guys are not missing the opportunity! Cosnavi booked the entire premise!

For all your dancing needs! Great for Persona dancing all night cosplay! There are other interesting locations too.

An abandoned building.
Mundane places such as a school and its library

I have no idea where to find a huge white building with long staircases and high walls either. But they do.

So let's end the article on money. For the explosive shoots, for example, at Mount Iwafune, famous for the various tokusatsu scenes done there, it is 5000yen per entry. Non cosplayers pay 2500yen. They charge 1300yen per person for every explosion.

And then there's the fantastic fire photography, like what the Sengoku Basara and the FF Agito cosplayers are using. 
Its another 5000yen per cosplayer, and 1000yen for every torch. I have no idea how much they charge for the fiery curtain above. 

Overall, this is a relatively inexpensive outdoor trip for cosplayers to have fun and do gatherings, or do location shoots for cosplay DVDs. With production like this, who needs CGI?

Written by Don

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