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Sachi Chan "Halloween" Drawing Contest 2016

Are you ready to put your creative juices to draw and win prizes? The 2nd Sachi-Chan (Bird-of-Paradise) Contest organized by Mangaka Spirits is here.

The theme this time is HALLOWEEN! Yes, create and draw on the feathers of Sachi-Chan. You can also draw OUTSIDE, that is, the background. Digital art is preferred. The prizes are (also in pics below):

1st Prize – Love Live figure, English Sheepdog Nanoblocks, Pikachu and Chobits Chii pins
2nd Prize – Moko Mokolet DIY Toilet bowl, Idol M@ster Paper Clip and Pikachu pin.
3rd Prize – Nightmare Before Christmas Gashapon, Pokemon keychains and Chobits Chii pin.
4th Prize – Nightmare Before Christmas Gashapon and Totoro pin.
5th Prize – Nightmare Before Christmas Gashapon and Sailormoon pin.

Prizes sponsored by Max and winners need not pay for shipping. It will be paid by us.

A) Like and Share this Post.

B) Download the blank Sachi-Chan and draw a maximum of 2 artworks. You may also draw outside the bird. You create anything kawaii but brownie points will be given for Halloween themed. Stick to the size given here. Do not increase the size of the borders. Story behind your drawing is optional. Digital art is preferred.
C) Email us at upon completion anytime before 15 October 2016.

Prize giveaways end on Saturday midnight 15 October 2016. Winners will be announced three days later. There will be 5 different winners (If you draw 2, we will select the better one). We will then contact you for address. All entries will also be posted in our blog.

Like to see the past Sachi-chan artworks? Click here.

Thanks for participating in this fun Halloween event.

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