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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku

Can you guess who this is...?

Well, it's another Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, but this one doesn't follow the usual Miku template hence she was quite pleasing to collectors and was actually quite anticipated.

This review is very late after receiving her from pre-order but nevertheless she is still available at several stores, albeit at list price now. Let's now take a closer look at her!

The box has a theme color that matches well with this Miku's hair color. There is quite a bit of pink used in the color palette as well as some decorations such as sparkles and musical notes to add to that "magical" feel of the Nendoroid.

Of course, the magical part is the details she comes with but we will only talk about that a little later.
As usual, the box covers several of her poses that you can put her in and it's entirely up to you whether you wish to recreate the same ones or change it up. Personally I prefer using as many accessories as I can fit in, thus I posed Miku holding both the mic and the cube.
The blister is very, very secure and from the image above we can see that she doesn't come with a lot. She only has 2 face plates, an additional arm and 2 hand parts, a mic and a cube. However the minute details and changes to the blister makes up for it.
 As you can see, the usual round ports where the blister is pushed into each other now has the upper piece fashioned into this cross symbol. This actually makes it more tight and you have a smaller risk of denting the upper blister port when you push it into the round lower port. A brilliant idea that I hope GSC will implement from now on for their future releases.

The figure
Mirai Miku is fantastically cute and the slight blush on her cheeks serves to accentuate that. But more importantly than that, it's the details that goes into her outfit.
Let's take a look at her outfit. The tie is secured to her bosom area with the white fabric and the tie actually looks like it's realistically held in place. Under her breasts, we see two triangular pieces of teal fabric which, together with the black overall, results in creasing in the white blouse at her tummy area.

In terms of details, we see even more in her black overall, which has a mix of colors -- pink, white and black. None of the painting had any spill overs. All of the lines are crisp and clean. The pockets and buttons are sculpted on and the pink lines actually look like they crease the black fabric, making it sink a little where the pink lines are at.

While I love how this figure mixes matte black and glossy black (seen in the tips of her ribbon and the ends of the pink lines on her black overall), another beautiful component is how fluffy and realistic the frills are in her outfit.

Not only at the hem of her skirt, the frills are also visible at her bloomers, which makes more sense for an idol to wear than just panties alone, when matched with short skirts. Thank Go, Mirai Miku cares a bit more about her modesty than other idol Nendoroids, eh?
Her shoes has no lack of details as well. Apart from a glossy black shine, she has a couple of metallic silver parts as well as the teal folds at the top of the boots.
The underside of her boots are in hot pink and has some indentations to show how the rubber soles would look. The metallic parts are also complete and bring out that futuristic feel which this Nendoroid is going for. We also have more details in terms of the ribbon at the back of her boots... well as the square patterns going up the side of her stockings.
Not to mention, she has some "hidden details" as well, which includes the small ribbons on the underside of her dress which wouldn't usually be seen anyway, but adds a very good touch to the figure.
The back of her outfit holds a lot of details as well, such as the crisp criss-cross of the black overall at her shoulder blades, the bow at the small of her back, and the metallic parts at her waist line.
 Of course, her headphones are rather exquisite, combining several different colors. The wires on them (especially the teal one) looks a little too huge though. Otherwise, the design looks pretty much futuristic and magical... and I love how the colors on the headphones matches that on her gloves. 
Other than mentioning about the glossy tips of her ribbon (which I did earlier), I would like to touch on how the headphones is assembled. The main headphone (the one that covers the ears) are with the front hair part and the metallic head-band part is with the back hair part. As such, the teal wire has to be detached from the head-band part before you can change the face plate.

This is a point to worry as you may damage the teal wire part if done incorrectly. Do scroll back and forth the previous and next image until you understand how to remove it properly.
 After detaching the teal wire from the head-band.
 This is how the front hair piece looks on its own, with the face plate.
 And this is how the front hair piece looks on its own, without the face plate!
Next, I'll like to draw attention to the gloves which are mainly in white, with a semicircle of black. Printed in pink is -01- which is Miku's number. A very good touch to the Nendoroid and the plus is that all the paintwork on this small delicate piece is done neatly.

The cube piece and all of it sides. It comes with a peg that you can attach to either hand. Of course the hand and arm parts can be detached so you can pose her holding the cube with either a bent or outstretched arm, and with either her left or right hand.
And last but not the least, it's the microphone part! I like how the bow is replicated here with the matte black for the main part and the tips in glossy black. The metallic mic part and hot pink makes the colors pop from the otherwise mainly black mic.
The metallic mic has so much details in it with the realistic look of the mic with all the lines. The peg is also the same size as the cube's, making both the items abe to fit on both hands.

 Some additional images of the mic to help you appreciate it.
And last but not the least, we have our adorable Mirai Miku all assembled.
"It's time for a live!"


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