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Sailor Moon: Then and Now

Hello everyone! It's been awhile. I've been really busy with anime this season. This is the first time there are so many series I've been looking forward to so I'm actually watching eleven series each week ^^" However, I'm not going to share so many series with you this time! Nope, today I'm going to focus on Sailor Moon and I'll be comparing the 1992 and 2014 version today~ The original is even older than I am! Without further ado, let's begin!

P.S. For those that have not watched Sailor Moon and are planning to, please move on to the next article as this one contains spoilers!


Be warned, the greatest difference might possibly be the resolution...

All I see are legs... And more legs... And perhaps a moon.

Jokes aside, the first thing I noticed was the different opening themes. I certainly prefer the older song (it is iconic after all), but the improved opening animation is greatly appreciated! Oh, the 2014 version also has a short sequence before the song starts playing, here's a teasing screencap:

Fans of the original would probably already know who these are though!

In addition to the different design of the title card, the titles of the episodes themselves are different!

The 1992 version certainly introduces the goofy side of Usagi really quickly, while the 2014 one merely shows a few quick frames of our (over)sleeping beauty. It is endearing to know that 22 years on, Usagi still sleeps with ribbons in her hair though!

One obvious difference is how Usagi met Luna. In the original, Luna was being bullied by three kids while in the reboot, Usagi tripped over Luna. I feel the original did a better job at explaining at why Luna's crescent was taped over!

I took these screencaps mostly to show how different the art style is! The new colouring makes Naru appear much more 3-dimensional and I'm loving the subtle gradient in the colour of her hair ^_^

Let's make a detour and talk about the bad guys shall we? Queen Beryl appears very early in the original, while in the reboot we are constantly teased with close-ups of only Jadeite (who is still a very pretty boy, and in this particular screencap looks notably similar to Ouran High School Host Club's Tamaki).

Man, these sunglasses are probably a crime in itself.

Those eyes!

Of course, what is a shoujo anime without a handsome significant other for our main character, right? He set hearts aflutter 22 years ago and he's back at it again! Somehow, Mamoru seems much younger in the reboot, which makes him decidedly less suave... On the other hand, I'm glad his sunglasses are so much nicer now.

Usagi's transformation hasn't changed much fundamentally, although the new one has more angles! While I like the new sequence better, it has too much of a video game feel, resulting in Usagi looking more 3-dimensional in it than the rest of the anime, which annoys me a little.

Her final pose however, is exactly the same! Unfortunately, while Usagi looks good in the 2014 version, having these screencaps side by side makes me wonder if the artist overdid the volume of her hair...

Same same yet different. If I remember correctly, Tuxedo Mask did not help Usagi as much as he did in the 1992 Sailor Moon.

Pretty boy Jadeite returns at the end of the episodes, though as I've mentioned earlier, the new Sailor Moon anime is a lot more coy at revealing him.

Just as the opening theme has changed, so has the ending! The original ending is almost a still picture with the exception of Usagi's twintails swaying in the wind while the new one is animated much more, although still retaining a serene quality.

I've tried to reduce the number of spoilers but even from these screencaps, I'm sure you can tell what a great leap has been made in terms of well, pretty much everything from the animation to the presentation! I won't try to pick which version I prefer, although I like that changes were made so it does not seem like I'm watching the same thing all over again! Have you watched remakes of anime too? What did you feel about them?

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